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Thread: Slutskaya Halfway to History

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    News Slutskaya Halfway to History

    WOW!!!!! I had know idea she was about to make history!!!!!!! Good for her!!!!!!

    She should considering that no one can really beat her unless she has a meltdown in the free skate

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    Whoa this is the year of tying records! First Michelle with Maribel, now Irina with Sonia!

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    Surya would have done that in 1996 hadn't she been beaten by young Irina

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    Next year should even be more exciting, if Irina wins tomorrow, which in all likelihood she will. Just imagine -- next year BOTH Michelle and Irina will be attempting to BREAK records that have stood since before World War II!! Who would have ever thought, in this day and age in skating, that this would ever happen, and in the same year no less???

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