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Thread: Euros Day 5 - ladies FS

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    Euros Day 5 - ladies FS

    Sorry, this is a bit abbreviated today. Most of the ladies were pretty horrific. Many in the first two groups had 3 or 4 falls! After Kostner the level was pretty atrocious.

    1. Slutskaya
    Wonderland/card dealer. Lackuster performance, off from the beginning. 3z bit sloppy not good run out, telegraphed popped 1s, tried to throw in a loop but doubled - 2r, butterfiles to back camel to Biellmann, 3f fall, layback to Biellmann 16 revs, now trademark spiral sequence with three Biellmann positions, 3f, 3t2t, back camel to Biellmann, 2a, fast str step with lots of turns and deep edges, final trademark comb spin with changes of edge and Biellmann but missed the Biellmann position on back half. Seemed held up in components, a sloppy and rushed performance.

    2. Poykio
    Rota Romeo & Juliet. Opposite of Slutskaya, through she looked nervous she stayed calm and controlled throughout, precise and soft. Flew into opening 3s2t, 3z, 3r, combination spin with nice Y position and catchfoot position but a bit slow, layback with catchfoot held 17 revs, footwork into 3f2t, 3t, circular step, 1a, flying camel to sit/Y positions, 2f, lovely change edge spiral and RBO sprial with transition of position to leg in front, death drop to final spin ended a bit late after the music.

    3. Liashenko
    Frita. Pretty mediocre performance. 3z2t, 3f double three turn out, forward camel to inside edge, layback with two variations of positions, 3f2t w/poss 2ft on the flip, slow spiral sequence didn't cover much ice, 3s, stars to death drop, 3z two footed, 2a, basic positions in comb spin with changes of edge to end.

    4. Sebestyen
    Carmen. If she could have just about matched her personal best she had a chance to edge Slute for the victory but didn't walk through the open door. Wimpy and weak performance for her, seemed very nervous. Opened with 2s bad omen, 3z2t, running threes to 1r, forward camel to catchfoot, 3f, side leaning trans to trad layback, 3z free foot scaped ice, slow spirals, 3t fall, 2a, comb spin with Biellmann, str step, flying camel to comb spin with another Biellmann labored.

    5. Sokolova
    Very slow and weak basic skating, pretty uninspired performance. 3z3t but toe pretty underrotated, 3f so badly lipped it should be called a lutz, 3s, fast layback but in poor position, 3z hands down and fall out, good flying camel good pos and speed, slow spiral sequence, 3r, comb spin with good cannonball sit, steps, 2f, circ steps, 2a, butterfly to sit to upright.

    6. Maniachenko
    Middle Eastern music, interesting concept. 3z2t, 3r, 3f double three turn out, 2s, sloppy but fast layback, slow spiral seq with catchfoot pos, 3t, short comb spin, stumbled all around on 3z, str step, fast comb spin with headless scratch to end.

    7. Kostner
    Prokofiev Piano Conc. #3 Fairy in the Woods. Flew into impressive 3f3t, 3z bad sliding fall into boards, 3r out of running three turns, str step, death drop, lots of choreography to judges, zippy spirals with deep edges, 2a, 3s, 3t leaning forward and stumbled out, interesting series of four spins - CW camel, CCW camel to catchfoot, CW camel, comb spin with pretty positions, 2f.

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    Hi Liz...

    Thanks once again for the detailed reports. Sounds like the FS overall was a bit of a let down after more strong performances in the SP. STILL can't wait to see whatever they televise in the US. I hope the top ladies got the butterflies out here, and will ALL skate wonderfully at Worlds.


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