and as I had said, two weeks late, I got to watch the pairs short program and ice dance OD.

The first thing that made me LOL was the introduction to the event, with the pairs and ice dancers saying things like "We're here to win", "this is OUR championship", I swore at any moment I would hear Terry Gannon's voice saying something like "So cover up your knees, and watch out for iron bars, 'cause we are at the US FS Championships!" LOL. No, really, it was fun, but too much "I am gonna BEAT the ***** out of all them" attitude.

ANother thing, Christine Brennan is HUGE!! She's very, very tall, taller than Terry. If she interviewed Sasha, she would be like close to the stomach? She has a very soothing voice, maybe she's not the best for TV, or she's not use to talk for TV cameras, I dunno.

OK, the Sky Cam. I thought it would be nice, but whomever was operating the stuff, doesn't controll it well. I think it was over-used, and maybe it is effective for ceratin shots, but not for every shot (I think is good to watch the unison on straigltline footwork for pairs and such, but other than that, I dunno).

I saw some interesting pairs, but definitively room for improvement if you want to challenge the top pairs in the international scene. In ice dance I enjoyed very much Grgory and Petukov's performance, and Belbin and Agosto were the top of teh field.

I have more skating tonight, I imagine it will be men and ladies.