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Thread: Favorite Songs at the Moment!

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    Favorite Songs at the Moment!

    Anastacia "Left outside alone"
    Utada "Kremlin Dusk"
    Kate Ryan "Desenchantee"
    Gwen Stefani "What you waitng for?"
    Tegan and Sara "You wouldn't like me"
    Bjork "All is full of love"
    Nikka Costa "Everybody got their something"
    Bif Naked "Twitch"
    T.a.t.u. "Robot"

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    City of Blinding Lights--U2
    She Will Be Loved--Maroon 5
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    I have a bazillion favorites from a bunch of different people (most of which are never played), but the ones I like hearing on the radio as of late -

    2 AM (Breathe) Anna Nalick
    Sunday Morning - Maroon 5
    Everything - Alanis Morrisette
    Give a Little Bit - Goo Goo Dolls, but it's a cover
    Some Might Say - Oasis

    And also "Running to Stand Still" by U2. I have every U2 CD but Joshua Tree (oddly enough ), so I had never really payed much attention to this song before, but I highly reccomend it.

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    Baracuda "I leave the World today": I would have went to Germany just to get this by itself. Luckily I have cable internet and a special downloading software.
    Me & My "La La Superstar"
    Noemi "In my dreams": Hypnotic Eurotrance beat with beautiful vocals
    Lasgo "Deep in your Heart": Just imagine you are in Zelda game- in heaven. It's pure blissful nirvana.
    Groove Coverage "the End": Almost mideival sounding dark Europop tune.

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    Collide- Howie Day
    Old Habbits Die Hard- Mic Jagger & Sheryl Crow
    Sunday Mornings- Maroon 5
    Somebody- Bonnie McKee
    Float On- Modest Mouse
    Always on my Mind- Willie Nelson
    Another Day in Paradise- Phil Vassar

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    Anything by Josh Groban. I love his beautiful voice.


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    Give A Little Bit--Goo Goo Dolls: this is a cover but very well done...when I met my husband I'd never heard of Supertramp but he had their 8 tracks and played them in the car all the time(I'm dating myself with that comment, I know!) Give A Little Bit was one of my favorite songs by Supertramp and I think the GGD's do it justice.
    Vertigo--U2---(I'm going to the U2 concert in Philadelphia in May!!! )
    She Will Be Loved--Maroon 5
    Life Less Ordinary--Carbon Leaf
    First Cut Is The Deepest--Sheryl Crow's remake
    And a couple not quite so recent:
    You'll Be In My Heart and Can't Stop Loving You--Phil Collins

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    "Breakaway" -- Kelly Clarkson
    "When the Sun Goes Down" -- Kenny Chesney
    "I Go Back" -- Kenny Chesney
    "Monday Morning Church" -- Alan Jackson
    "Come Home Soon" -- SheDaiZee
    "If Nobody Believed In You" -- Joe Nichols
    "You Were There" -- Avalon (though Clay Aiken sang it in concert recently and I love his version too!)
    "The Creed" -- Avalon
    "Are We There Yet?" -- VeggieTales (don't ask )

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