Even though it is a few months too early, we recently had the Moscow novice girls competition where Sofia Samodelkina and Elizaveta Berestovskaya of Team Davydov and Sofia Akatieva and Veronika Zhilina of Team Tutberidze all showed quads and triple axels at the age of 12.

There are a lot of skaters returning, and some new ones.

For men, it will be the second junior season for Eteri's boy wonder Daniil Samsonov, who has all the potential but nerves have gotten to him. We'll see how that develops. As for the other Russian men, expect Petr Gumennik, Artur Danielian, and Andrei Mozalev to move up to seniors. That will leave room for others that were overshadowed this year like Gleb Lutfullin or Ilia Yablokov. Japanese duo Yuma Kagiyama and reigning JGPF and junior world record holder Shun Sato should both participate, and show their amazing potential. Meanwhile, JGPF 2018 champion and Canada's great hope Stephen Gogolev has been badly injured recently so he will most likely not move up to seniors next year (thank goodness, he is not ready for that) and I think that even though he struggled this year, he is one of the men that will dominate in a few years. We will hsee how Raf develops himThere are, of course, many others to look out for that I can't list them all but be ready for surprises

Idk much about jr pairs or dance, so I will just skip over that for now

Now don't get started on the ladies. Of the four mentioned above, only Samodelkina is eligible for 2020-21, along with Eteri's new little girl Adelya Petrosyan. There will be many rivalries, as we also see the junior international debut of China's Xianyi An, who was doing 3A and 4S in the harness. Along with Valieva, and Liu.... Imagine Davydov vs Tutberidze. China vs USA vs Russia. Don't get me started on Russian ladies, while Samodelkina, Sofia Muravyova (eteri), Petrosyan (eteri), and Anastasia Zinina seem to be the biggest debutants, you never know with Russian ladies. KEep in mind there is still Alysa Liu, Kamila Valieva, Daria Usacheva, Maya Khromykh, Anna Frolova, and possibly Vika Vasilieva or Nastya Tarakanova....I'm probably forgetting someone, there's simply too many! There's always the JApanese ladies who have been on a bit of the dip lately, and several lovely rising Korean ladies in addition to Alysa Liu and Xianyi An. Correct me if I am wrong but Mia Kalin, who did 4S in training (and has some peculiar jump technique) is only 11 and won't be eligible this year.

Well, what do you think? So much can change, and I am starting to get excited already! Do you want Ted to come back?