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Thread: Skater Signature pieces that should not be reused

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    Skater Signature pieces that should not be reused

    Which music has become a signature piece for a particular skater and should <strong>not</strong> be used by another skater? Im curious as to what examples everyone can come up with.

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    Re: Skater Signature pieces that should not be reused

    Haven't we seen this before?

    Bolero - Torville & Dean
    Winter - Alexei Yagudin
    Love Story - Sale & Pelletier
    Adagio for the 21th Century - Bourne & Kraatz
    Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #2 - Sasha Cohen
    Black Swan - Oksana Baiul
    Prelude de l'Apres...... - Janet Lynn

    I left Michelle Kwan's programs out of my list since I know the Kwaniacs will likely list her anthology.

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    Re: Skater Signature pieces that should not be reused

    Here is my list:

    Turndot-Shen and Zhoa
    Culture-Irina Slutskaya
    Song of the black swan-Baiul
    East of Eden-Kwan
    River dance-Bourn and Kraatz
    Shine on you crazy diamond-ina and Zimmerman

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    Signature pieces

    Torvill and Dean- Bolero
    Michelle Kwan- The Red Violen
    Lu Chen- Rach
    Baiul- Swan Lake
    Candeloro- Godfather

    So many skaters have used Carmen, but personally I felt the best Carmen was Krylova and Ovsiannokov.

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    Last year in the Olympics, when I saw Alexandr Abt skating his long program, I thought of Michelle Kwan's Rach short cos it was the same music. This year, when watching Michelle's short and the free dance of Navka and Kostamarov, I think of Pasha and Platov.

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    Re: Hi

    I have to agree that no one should skate to Red Violin. This year at Nationals we got to see several lower level skaters try it. Bad idea. Bad, bad, bad idea. It's a complicated piece of music that MK did so well.

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    Re: Hi

    This is somewhat off topic, but Sasha Cohen ruined Rach #2 for me, I am hoping Sasha Abt will skate to Rach #2 and redeem this piece as skating music for me.

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    Re: Hi

    I agree with many of the already listed pieces, but I would add the version of "Romeo and Juliet" that A&P used at the Olympics. I am not a dance fan at all, but I loved that program and whenever I hear that music I think of it.

    I think nowadays it is hard for a skter to have a signature piece because the music gets recycled so much. I didn't want anyone to skate to Bolero ever again. They should have retired that music after Torvil and Dean used it. It would be cool if skating music could be retired, like they do athletes' numbers.

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    Rach 2

    Eltamina, I agree totally about Sasha Cohen and Rachmaninoff's second piano concerto. I LOVE that work, but Sasha's program just doesn't do anything for me... When I watch it now, I put the TV on mute. I thought Lu Chen's version, however, was exquisite.

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    Re: Rach 2

    My dear - All thos Rachs, Carmens, Malaguenas, Don Q's, etc., banned!


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    Re: Rach 2

    <blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>My dear - All thos Rachs, Carmens, Malaguenas, Don Q's, etc., banned![/quote]
    Yes! Retire them all!

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    Re: Rach 2

    I would actually like to see someone skate to Carmen, but in a comical manner- not goofy, but a more lighthearted approach.

    Whenever I think of Rach, I think of MK's short program and the original LP that Sarah did before the Olympics. Her spiral there is very well-placed with the music. Unfortunately, Sasha LP has the same part of Sarah's LP, but tacked on in the middle of her program- just wrong .

    Butterfly Lovers belongs to Lulu .

    Daphis et Chloe belongs to Sarah .

    East of Eden belongs to Michelle .

    And TFB belongs to Oksana Baiul .

    Carmen, Malaguena, Swan Lake, and Aranjuez are all public domain.

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    Re: Rach 2

    Hmmmm, first off, I agree about the Carmens, Rachs, etc. with them being banned! Augh!! Next, here are the only ones that I really cannot see being skated to by other skaters.

    Love Story-Jamie & David
    East of Eden and Fields of Gold-Michelle Kwan
    Bolero-Torvill & Dean
    Riverdance-Shae & Vic
    Butterfly Lovers-Lu Lu
    Moonlight Sonata-Sergei & Katia
    Nessum Dorma-Brian Boitano
    First Knight-Todd Eldredge

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    skating pieces

    I have a split view on this topic. On the one hand, it is interesting to see how everyone interprets the music. For example, in 1964(?) the Protopopovs skated to Liebestraume, and in 1992 Mishkutenok and Dmitriev skated to the same music. Both interpreted the music in their own ways. So, if skaters stopped using other skaters signature pieces, then we may not be able to see <strong>new</strong> signature pieces.
    Another example is Rach 2nd, some associate it with M/D some with Lulu and some with Sasha.

    On the other hand, I cringe every time I see someone skating to a "signature" piece, and not be able to carry it off. Not to mention, when people hear Moonlight Sonata, Bolero, Fields of Gold, Love Story, Rachmanioff 2nd(personally I associate the music with M/D rather than Sasha), they automatically are going to think of those signature programs.
    So basically, I don't really think there are any sacred cows, but if your going to skate to music that is another skater's signature piece-make sure you can carry it off.

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    Re: skating pieces

    I would add Kurt Browning's "As Time Goes By" from Casablanca to the list.

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