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If I were Hanyu I would just work on being as clean as possible. I think he can and should beat Nathan if he skates cleanly.

However I am not Hanyu and he is obviously motivated by different things. I would want to win. He wants to make history.

To me the quad axel is not worth it but if it is what pushes to keep training and working hard then whatever keeps him around in the sport so I can watch him skate is a win to me.
If he were able to land 5 quads and two triple axels - that are well executed - he should beat Nathan (with Nathan's current content; not if Nathan adds back in a 4L, upgrades his SP 4T+3T to a 4F+3T, etc.). IMO, that should be his game plan - to get his intended GPF jump layout on point. With a better Euler combo, a 4+3 instead of 4+2, and a 3A+3A, he would have surpassed Chen in the FS, and had he done a clean SP, that would have gotten him the win.

But can't really turn back time. If Jin had landed all his quads and raked in over 300, he would have won 4CC, had Aymoz had a better short, he might have won Euros, etc.