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Thread: Do judges have time to watch the skate under CoP ???

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    Do judges have time to watch the skate under CoP ???

    After more than a year with CoP we have seen many competitions with dubious results where, for example, the clear favorite wins despite a sub-par performance with missed elements, fall(s), and poor enthousiasm (anyway who would not feel that way after several missed elements ?). I am starting to wonder if, among other reasons, this may not have to do with the fact that the new system is too difficult to implement in real time : the judges have to watch the skate AND grade the elements at the same time, and then only have 2 minutes to give 5 components scores that are meant to rate 5 different aspects of the skating. As the transitions and choreographic moves are precisely done between the jumps, and this is also the time the judges have to look down to their computers to enter the grades, are they not likely to miss them or in any case get out of the program and lose the choreographic impression ? We have seen that the components scores reflect much more the general standard of a skater than the quality of the performance on that day, and it shouldn't be so. Could it be that all those interruptions during the exhibitions to give the grades prevent the judges to feel the general impression as, let's say, a spectator that has nothing else to do than open his eyes and enjoy the skate ?
    Just a few questions here ...

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    I believe it is impossible for any judge to go through the details that the CoP, in theory, requires. Certainly not within the time allotted to score all those details so that the computer can arrive at a total.

    I believe the top tier skaters are all well known to the top tier judges. The judges come to a high level competition already knowing what the details of the technical and component scores will be. They will just watch the skate and see if the skater does not make any booboos. The judges are there to judge only the 'clean skate'. They already know what the skater is going to do and how well he/she will do it. The Technical Assistant can give the judges a rough time but if he/she is honest he is doing his job.

    The bottom line is we are still dealing with subjectivity. It is just as easy to give higher scores to favorites under any system.

    My suggestion is to have individual judges score the various spins, jumps, footwork and all the component details. Of course, we would need at least 20 judges to arrive at a total, but it would be fairer.


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    Having separate groups of judges for the technical elements and for the components would be a step in the right direction, but there would still be the possibility of deal-making and collusion, and with 24 judges (there were 12 judges at Euros), the potential for hanky panky would be increased.

    As long as the judges' identities are protected, there is ample opportunity for cheating.

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