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Thread: Has Anyone Read This Before?

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    gotta message Document Not Found.


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    Thanks for the post Vicky. No, I hadn't seen it before. She certainly has some strong opinions about the Russian federation.

    I don't know one person who loves Piseev. I even doubt his wife's feelings. I can't take away his qualities. If a person heads figure skating for decades, it means he has certain professional qualities and willpower... Piseev says that he always acted in the state's interest. But phenomenal results were reached because of coaches and athletes. Tell me, what good does Piseev do?

    - He probably lobbies for Russian interests in ISU?

    - What can he lobbies - he can't say anything in English except "Two beers, please". And then, what do you mean - lobbies?

    - Well, let's say he takes some action so judges won't rob Russian skaters at international competitions and maybe even help them.

    - I am afraid to hear that. The president accumulates everything bad there is in Russian skating.
    After Nagano Olympics Tatiana Anatolievna Tarasova came to our town to choreograph an exhibition number for Klimova/Ponomarenko. She came to Frank Carrol who coached Michelle Kwan then and sincerely told him, "Why didn't you talk to us? You would've given a bottle of vodka and everything would've been fine. Russian judge doesn't care which American, Kwan or Lipinski, to put first!"
    If I am the best today, why I should i be substituted?

    - What can be more subjective then sport?

    - Can't you see who is better? Slutskaya fells several times at average little competition - and she is placed first. Why?
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