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Thread: Early triples

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    Early triples

    Sonja Morgenstern 1971 European Figure Skating Championships LP

    Is this first clean triple jump by ladies ?

    I found this video when I saw floskate's latest upload Sonja Morgenstern's lovely performance in Grenoble
    Sonja Morgenstern 1968 Grenoble OG LP

    As YouTube comments on these 2 video clips,
    Petra Burka is supposed to land first triple but I can't find video footage of her triple.
    At least in 1965 world when she won it, didn't even attempt triple.
    I also can't find Jana Mrazkova's triple and Gaby Seyfert's 3 Loop in 1968 was half rotation short.
    Janet Lynn attempted 3 Sal and Toe(1)Toe(2) in her junior days but none of those were clean.

    I knew in 1976 Winter Olympics/Worlds, several ladies skaters of next generation landed triples,
    Elena Vodorezova 1976 Olympics 3T+2T 3S 3T
    Anett Potzsch 1976 Olympics 3S
    Linda Fratianne 1976 Worlds 3S 3T

    but could not find clean one till 1975. It was a bit unnatural for me.

    ETA: I just find that 1976 Olympic bronze medalist, 1974 World champion, 3 time (1973-75) European champion Christine Errath of East Germany also had 3T (1976 Euros Olympics Worlds).
    (so, East German ladies competed each others and pushed boundary like Russian ladies today)

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    I've been poking around online for other early attemps today since I don't have much else to do and came across this 3T by Melissa Militano when she won the 1971 US Junior National title. This would have been about a week or two earlier than Morgenstern's 3S, though it was a domestic competition. Militano had apparently already landed her 3T in 1970, as well.

    Some other notable early attempts:
    • 1978 Worlds: Vodorezova's 3Lo (the earliest attempt I can find after Seyfert's) and 2A+1Eu+3S (unsuccessful and very UR, but she was probably the first woman to attempt +3S and +3T combinations)
    • 1981 Worlds: Katarina Witt's 3F (she first landed it earlier this season at Euros)

    I can't find video for the following attempts:
    • 1961 Europeans: Mrazkova's and Helli Sengstschmid's 3S
    • 1962 Canadian Nats: Burka's 3S
    • 1975 Europeans(?): Errath is credited with a 3T+2T as the first woman to land a triple in combination
    • 1981 Euros/Worlds: Manuela Rubins and Carola Paul's(?) 3F

    The history of the 3Lo is weird: After Seyfert's attempt the next skaters I can find trying it are Vozorezova and Biellmann in the late 70s, whole decade later, and then suddenly in the 80s tons of the top women were attempting it. By comparison 3T, 3S, 3F, and 3Lz attempts all progressed pretty steadily. Not sure whether the 3Lo is more poorly documented, if I haven't looked in the right places, or if there was just a really long gap between attempts.

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    There was an article in a 1978 Skating magazine article about the making of Ice Castles that discussed a skater named Staci Loop who served as a skating double for the movie. It mentioned that she had filmed a triple loop (that ended up on the cutting room floor) and that Loop was one of 8 women who had landed that jump as of that date.

    Two of the others were Priscilla Hill (whom I remember seeing do it on a US Nationals broadcast from the mid-70s) and Denise Biellmann.

    Unfortunately I can't find the article to confirm exactly what it said.

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    Dagmar Lurz attempted 3 Loop at 1976 Olympics.
    She did clean one at least at 1980 Olympics and Worlds.

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    Petra Burka is credited with 3sal at the 1962 Canadian nationals. I could not find a video.

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    Janet Lynn attempted a triple salchow at the 1968 Olympics.

    ETA: I see this clip was already posted but she was a senior at age 14 back in 1968.

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