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Thread: 2019-20 Best Kiss & Cry moment

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    1. Name: Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier (and Carol Lane)
    Reason: Adorable, mass excitement at winning their first GP gold, cute unicorns, Carol saying 'No matter what, I love you guys.'
    Event: GP Skate Canada

    2. Name: Charlène Guignard and Marco Fabbri (and Barbara Fusar Poli)
    Reason: All being emotional about getting a SB with Marco's injury, Barbara crying, Marco's 'whoa' when the score comes up, cute group hug.
    Event: GP IdF

    3. Name: Nam Nguyen
    Reason: Lobbing his water bottle, hugging his coach, hyping up the crowd.
    Event: GP Skate Canada

    4. Name: Aleksandra Boikova and Dmitrii Kozlovskii (and Tamara Moskvina)
    Reason: Dmitrii's fistpump and his repeated cheek kissing of both Aleksandra and Tamara
    Event: Europeans 2020

    5. Name: Kevin Aymoz
    Reason: Emotion, excitement, tears, general joy at winning a GPF medal.
    Event: GPF 2019

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    1. Dmitri Aliev - Euro FS - Tears of joy/Interactions with the coach

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    I know, my nomination is from the junior competition, but I like it so much that I need to share it: is the general joy of winning the World Junior Championship by Avonley Nguyen / Vadym Kolesnik

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    ^ That was priceless! So glad we got to see them compete in person @ US Nationals in January!

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    Quote Originally Posted by moxiejan View Post
    name: Mariah bell
    reason: Reaction with adam & raf; tears/celebration at her scores.
    Event: 2020 u.s. Nationals
    Quote Originally Posted by heartyxo View Post
    name: Kevin aymoz
    reason: Sobbing and jumping and excitedly hugging
    event: Basically anytime in the gp series but mostly gpf fs
    Quote Originally Posted by ichatdelune View Post
    name: Piper gilles (and paul too, to an extent)
    reason: "what?!!!!?!?!?!?! No way no way no way!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god, oh my god" quoth piper after the scores came up
    event: Sc fd

    name: Dmitri kozlovskii (and also sasha boikova, but personally madame moskvina stole the show for me)
    reason: The kozlovskii fistpump™
    event: Rusnats fs

    Quote Originally Posted by fzztsimmons View Post
    jason brown, after the free skate at us nationals.
    Seeing the perpetually-smiley happy-go-lucky reduced to tears (of joy!) in the k&c made me sob from over-emotional happiness!
    yes to all!

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