I've got a few events I can make copies of for people. I do have some that I'm trying to liquidate - as in get rid of - but I don't have the huge full listing of that. I do make edits of events - such as single events rather than all of the events, such as dance portion or pairs portion. This is what I have now that I know of.

2004-2005 Canadians - Dance (OD/FD), Mens (LP)
2004-2005 Jr GPF - Dance (OD/FD)
2004-2005 GPF - Pairs: Petrova/Tikhanov, Shen/Zhao (SP/LP)
2003-2004 Worlds - Dance (OD/FD), Pairs (SP/LP)
2003-2004 Canadians - Womens (SP/LP), Mens (SP)
2002 Olympics - All events
2002 Worlds - All events
1993 Worlds - All events

I will post the rest when I'm at home.