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Thread: Skating w/ The Stars/ Figure Skating in Harlem

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    Skating w/ The Stars/ Figure Skating in Harlem

    Had the opportunity to attend this wonderful event last night. Took place at Wollman Rink in Central Park in NYC. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and there was lots of picture taking and autograph time. Skaters in attendance, Michell Kwan, Elvis Stojko, Rudy Galindo, Oksana Baiul, Viktor Petrenko, Timothy Goebel, Tai Babalonia, Dorothy Hamill, Surya Bonaly, Melissa Gregory & Denis P., Johnny Weir, also Dick Button. Tom Collins was honored and Sasha was billed as being part of the event but was a no show. Did anyone else get the chance to go? I would love to hear your thoughts. Overall, an awesome night for a great charitable cause.

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    Thanks for the post, Viva. Sounds like a great event. Did the skaters do a regular exhibition, or was it more for the audience to get to participate?


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    Skating w/ The Stars

    The skaters were all dressed in casual clothes w/ Harlem Skating jackets. They did no exhibitions at all just mingled w/ the public for photos and autographs and were helping the girls from the Harlem club w/ their moves. They also had a photo area where you could pose w/ the skaters and they had a photographer taking poloroids and giving them to you in a nice folder. I got the chance to talk w/ Tai and Dorothy during those photos so it was really nice. I hope they continue this event next year. It seemed like a great success so I think they will.

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    Skating with the stars

    Do you know if these pictures are going to be posted anywhere?

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