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Thread: Costumes you hope never to see again

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    Costumes you hope never to see again

    I like most of what I've seen, but please, will Santa take back the costume the brilliant Mr Li of China has worn forever?

    The red pajamas with Santa like black boots need to go. Please CSU or whatever you're called, give that guy a new costume! It's 3 years old!

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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    The bright lemon dress Michelle wore at Skate America. Sunglasses please!!


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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    *sigh* Now everyone's going to start picking on my beloved Evgeni again....

    At NC, two male skaters had their nipples showing through the nylon of their costumes. It is a HORRIBLE look, and should be banned, under penalty of death.

    That's just my opinion, of course.


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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    Yes Laura, it is time to pick on Plushenko. I never want to see the costume he wore for his SP at the GPF last year--the gold one. He changed it for the Olympics and that was a good thing. I couldn't look at the TV for more than 5 seconds at a time because I thought my retinas might get burnt!!

    On the other hand, Plushenko's costumes are great this year.

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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    Good God, where do I begin:
    The Russian Pair skaters. With the Tiedyed costumes. Where the Guy's skates got caught on his partners sleeve. It streched out for about 3 or 4 feet.

    I hate All the Ballroom dresses that the dance couples are wearing this season.

    Irina's SP & LP costumes this season. Now, that I think about it. I never liked anything she has ever worn. Does anyone remember that sky Blue dress with the feathers around it. . She needs a stylist bad.

    in the Mens:

    Sparkles are a no no. Well, to many of them are.
    & the Fake suits that they wear. If you want to wear a suit then, wear a suit. Not a One Piece, that looks like one. & Again with all the sparkels. Please, go with Irina to a Stylist.

    Sorry But, I got a Azma attack when, I saw the Gold Costume that Plushenko wore during the GPF last season. I choked on my soda, spit half on the TV. Then, Azma(sp). But frankly, I think that Gold costume was trying to send a message. But, it did not work.

    But, I will say that I like His LP costume much better. This Taste has improved somewhat. Good for him. He needs to talk to Irina.

    A lot of K. Witts later costumes. I hate the very low neck line & how she looks like she is falling out of her costumes. It looks trashy to me. But, that is just me. If You have Big Boobs, you can wear low necklines But, not too low where you are bubbling all over the place.

    Alexei Yagudin: In his yonger days with Mishin. He too was wearing he Fake suits. One, he looked like a Matador(sp, I know thats wrong ). But, he improved when he came to TT. In both costumes & Artistry.

    Jamie & David: that Love story. Those costumes looked like workout clothes. Nothing Special about it at all. It is ok to dress down. But, not like, you are on your way to the gym.

    All of Suyra Bonly: Another one with no taste at all. & the Bare legs I did not care for. for one her legs are not that nice. Too Muscular. Though, I love the bare leg look. But, not on skaters.

    Timmy: His SP. What was that. Whatever it was burn it. & I did not care for his LP costume either( But, at least it was a real suit & tie:D )

    I could go on but, I will stop.

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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    Any skater who wears "peasant looking" know, the puffed sleeves, vests with string lacing up the front.......etc......42

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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    I made a totally pointless vow not to say anything about Irina's choices of costumes this year. So I won't! Panther, did you at least like Irina's blue unitard she wore for her Timeless techno number? A lot of people who disliked Irina's other outfits liked that one.

    By the way, this topic is much less fun now that we can't post pictures directly . To make up for that, everybody must be extra, extra mean. Channel your inner Mr. Blackwell or inner Eminem! Don't be afraid! Reach inside yourself, there's a part of you that's awful and nasty, you just have to release it! Believe in yourself!

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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    I didn't especially like Tim's shirt from last years SP. What do his costumes look like this year, does anyone know?

    costumes I hope never to see again
    Sasha cohen-LP (olympics)
    Plushenko-(SP/LP from last year)
    michael weiss-(Sp last season)

    there are lots that I agree w/ that have already been mentioned.


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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    I have to add the costume that the Japanese girl (name?) who skated to the Modern Swan Lake rendition. I have to admit that from a distance it looks quite becoming, but when I seen all of the buckles and belts, I was like Ooohkayy! And I have to add IS's short program costume. It reminded me of those shirts that you make at state fairs where you place a shirt on some sotra spinning mechanism and drip paint on it and it creates a similar design as IS's costume. Ok, one more, FD of France's lp program outfit with the web on half of hist back. It just appeared.....ah....unappealing......

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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    Anything ever worn by Ilia Klimkin.

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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    In no particular order:

    MK's SA costume - the color
    Just about anything Irina's ever worn
    Anything with lame (however you spell it) for the guys
    Anything with large ruffles and/or feathers for the women
    Anything with more fake flesh than real fabric

    and I've totally blanked on specifics. will have to add later.


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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    heh. poor ilia. that black, netted thing he wore last year sucked.

    i don't think his SP outfit is that bad this year except the gloves. a friend of mine theorized that he might be using them to accentuate his arm and hand postitions, which are unusual and precise.

    other standouts...

    Ivan Dinev's tropical leather disaster from last year.
    Emmanuel Sandhu's "gay heidi" costume for his current SP.
    Both Stannick Jannette's SP & LP costumes.

    ...and about 75% of the ice dance costumes.

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    Re: Costumes you hope never to see again.

    OMG, the Gay Heidi comment fits perfectly for ES sp costume!

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    "Gay Heidi!"

    LOL! You are so right!

    I don't like Honda's LP costume this season. (Or the program itself.)

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    Re: Sandhu and the rest!

    I love Sandhu, I thought he'd have a new costume bt now though. Sooooooooooooo funny and apt. On the subject of Abt, i hate his costumes but root for him anyway. Not until Alexei was here a few years with TT did he finally get a nice costume. His last years SP one from "winter" was the best costume i've seen on a russian male in a decade, maybe longer.

    I really was not being mean to the Chinese skater, but he has no smile, no expression, and there is nothing to see but red. I hear he's a great skater. I dunno because I stopped watching him years ago. All because of the Santa suit. Lu Chen has georgeous dresses. The pairs team has nice outfits now, why do they neglect this poor man?? Must they always choose Communist Red? Red is for Carmen numbers!

    OTS, Please Vera Wang, makes a sports bra for the yellow dress. It's embarrassing. U make them for free I know, but I don't wanna see MK's nipples. I hope no one does.

    I do like Arakawa's Swan look. Ever since Ellen Degeneres spoofed Bjork in the dead swan costume for the emmys, I have a soft spot for the white feathered look. Call me tacky, no-ones perfect. Y'all (I from NE) have made me laugh, please, keep it up, I'm a little down, and It's not mean, its just truth, and you are doing a good deed for me.

    There's a little Joan and Melissa Rivers in everyone. BTW, Could Joan's face get stretched any wider? She scares me.

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