Greetings! What are all of your favorite/most memorable skating moments?
I love making lists:
10. Todd Eledrege putting the gold medal around his mom's neck @ the 1996 Worlds.
9. Sergei Grinkov's death, even though I really only remember a little.
8. Sale and Pellterier(sp) Winning Gold in 2001
7. Michelle winning nationals in 1996 - her first win at nats.
6. Brian Joubert comming in third at 02 Euro's- you just kinda knew he'd be a name to watch.
5. The look of AP McDonugh's face after comming in second at SA - it was priceless.
4. Drobiasko and Vanagas's Freedance from worlds - some of the best skating coustumes and moves I've ever seen. Too bad it wasn't appreciated.
3. Michelle fighting back tears as she accepts her bronze medal in SLC. She came SO close to winning, and with one mistake lost it.
2. Bourne and Kraatz's fall at the end of their Freedance in SLC - I fought back tears as I saw the marks.
1. Alexei's first Worlds win in 98/Salt Lake win in 2002. His expression was great.