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Thread: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

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    Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    Greetings! What are all of your favorite/most memorable skating moments?
    I love making lists:
    10. Todd Eledrege putting the gold medal around his mom's neck @ the 1996 Worlds.
    9. Sergei Grinkov's death, even though I really only remember a little.
    8. Sale and Pellterier(sp) Winning Gold in 2001
    7. Michelle winning nationals in 1996 - her first win at nats.
    6. Brian Joubert comming in third at 02 Euro's- you just kinda knew he'd be a name to watch.
    5. The look of AP McDonugh's face after comming in second at SA - it was priceless.
    4. Drobiasko and Vanagas's Freedance from worlds - some of the best skating coustumes and moves I've ever seen. Too bad it wasn't appreciated.
    3. Michelle fighting back tears as she accepts her bronze medal in SLC. She came SO close to winning, and with one mistake lost it.
    2. Bourne and Kraatz's fall at the end of their Freedance in SLC - I fought back tears as I saw the marks.
    1. Alexei's first Worlds win in 98/Salt Lake win in 2002. His expression was great.


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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    one is B&K doing Riverdance in 98. Georgeous!

    92 paul wylie winning silver in Albertville.

    tara's victory screams and hopping upon learning she won.

    sarah and her coach falling off the chair in screams.

    Oksana's sp 1994

    Nancy's LP 1994

    Lu Chen after her LP in Nagano

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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    Off the top of my head...

    10. Kristi Yamaguchi's first (and only) US title in '92.
    9. Gordeeva/Grinkov's first World title in '86.
    8. Oksana Baiul's World title in '93.
    7. Pairs Competition in '94 Olympics.
    6. Katarina Witt regaining the World title in '87. (Was this the only time she landed a triple loop?)
    5. Yagudin's second World title in '99.
    4. Midori Ito's triple Axel in '89 Worlds.
    3. The Battle of Brians in Calgary.
    2. Torvill/Dean's Bolero in '84 Olympics.
    1. Michelle Kwan's Lyra Angelica in '98 US Nationals.

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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    1. Brassuer & Eisler winning their World Title.

    2. Jamie S. & D. Pelletier kissing the ice after the Olympics.

    3. Toller Cranston throwing his skates symbolically off a bridge after the Olympics.

    4. Kurt apologizing to his Canadian fans for not winning the Olympic title. Also - winning his fourth World Title with the Casablanca program.

    5. Elizabeth Mannleys silver skate at the 88 Olympics.

    6. Lu Chen - when she won her world title.

    There are so many my list could be endless.


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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    Michelle Kwan - East of Eden

    Evgeni Plushenko - SP at Bofrost, 2002


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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    Torvill & Dean's free dances in 82, 83, 84 and 94. Their FD performance in the 94 Olympics and their reactions at the end.

    Maria Butyrskaya's LP performance in 99 Worlds and her reaction at the end.

    Tara Lipinski's reaction after her LP in 98 Olympics and in the kiss n cry.

    Sale & Pelletier's reactions in the kiss n cry at 01 Worlds after the LP.

    Elvis Stojko's performance in the LP at the 98 Olympics, with his injuries.

    Liz Manley, Katarina Witt and Midori Ito's LPs at the 88 Olympics, and Midori and Liz's reactions after.

    Oksana Baiul's bursting onto the scene in 93 & 94. Her Swan Lake SP in the 94 Olympics, and her reaction when getting her marks in both the SP & LP, and when she found out she won.

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    Re: Most Memorable Skating Moments Ever

    <span style="color:fuchsia;font-family:georgia;font-size:x-small;">1. Evgeni's reaction after his LP at Worlds 2001

    2. Evgeni landing the 4-3-3 and then kissing the ice

    3. Klimkin's LP at NHK

    4. VV's LP at COR

    5. Alexander Abt starting his SP right in front of me at NC

    Let me ponder this some more (I just realized I listed only Russian skaters...)

    Laura </span>

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    Most memorable

    Some of the most memorable moments are those that the media thinks we'all most want to remember. To "help" us, they play those memorable moments, over and over and over again.

    So, while Tara's screams, and, four years later, Sarah/Robin's screams were originally something I really felt priviledged to see (and thrill with them in their great moment), honestly, if I never have to see a replay of either moment again, it wouldn't be soon enough.

    Here's a more thought, though. Anyone remember the Olympics where the Italian skater Tomba was just eating up the slopes, and Katarina Witt was all the rage? Yet, there was this other Katarina... actually, an Ekatarina. And a reporter asked Tomba if he thought that the other Ekatarina would be getting a gold medal and he said that if she didn't, he'd give her one of his...


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    Excuse my screw up

    Tomba was a skier. Sorry 'bout that.

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    Show 42

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    Re: Memorable Moments......

    All of these suggested moments are right on and the only other one I can think of at the moment is Tonya Harding landing her triple axel at the 91 Nationals. Although she has had numerous problems since then, it was an incredible moment for her...........42

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    Best Moments - from what I recall

    My votes:

    - Paul in '92

    - Battle of the Brians

    - Witt in '84 - couldn't help pulling for her - she seemed the antithesis of what my young mind expected from a communist country

    - MK - 2000 & 2001 Worlds

    - G&G in '88 and '94

    - Yags in SLC '02 - I felt the performances were somewhat reserved, but still very happy with the overall

    - US Nationals 2002 - ladies

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    Re: Best Moments - from what I recall

    Seeing Oksana Baiul for the first time at the 1994 Olympics, and the joy on her face when she won.

    Silvia Fontana having a really great skate at the 2002 Olympics and finishing top 10. And hearing this summer of her engagement to John Zimmerman, what a wonderful couple!

    Sarah's Olympics LP and being so happy for a fellow Long Island-er to do so well, lol. I was really excited when she won.

    Grishuk & Platov and Anissina & Peizerat's masterpiece FDs at the 1998 Olympics (which is where I fell in love with ice-dancing).

    Grishuk & Platov's programs from the 1997 season - wow wow wow! I didn't see them until way after 97, on tapes, but still, they're really special programs, OD and FD both.

    Seeing Grishuk & Platov perform "Frozen" live at COI. I knew I was seeing something special; too bad they broke up right after that. Also seeing many other skaters live, including A&P, Candeloro, Bonaly, Yagudin, Abt, Plushenko, Kazakova & Dmitriev.

    Phillipe Candeloro 1998 Olympic LP - I was so impressed. This was my first time really watching skating (previously, I'd only watched the 1994 ladies), and I didn't even know who he was. That footwork sequence was amazing.

    Alexander Abt winning the Russian Nationals recently. Finally, a gold medal for him. He has had so many problems with his health, and his consistency, and being undermarked, but wow, finally it came together for him. I know the favorites weren't there, but Russian mens is still competitive and I'm thrilled for him. To think, he won it and Yagudin never has!

    Berezhnaya & Sikhaurilidze's performance in the SLC exhibition. I really felt that the performance proved why they were the champions. It's such a cute program anyway, but in that context it was all the more special.

    Surya Bonaly doing the backflip to the judges at the 1998 Olympics. LOL!!!

    I'm sure there's more too...

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    Re: Best Moments - from what I recall

    Scott doing his hysterical number to "walk this way" by Aerosmith.....

    Scott's comeback skate after cancer surgery, he skated so well.

    Michelle's FOG olympic exhibition 2002 - first time I saw her cry on the ice. Very touching

    Paul Wylie's skates as a pro were all memorable for the beautiful line and posture he had, as well as his dramatic presentations

    Rudy Galindo's fabulous winning skate at Nationals 1996

    Alexei's sp Winter at the Lalique trophy last year. His sweater matched the background and he skated it so well.

    Nancy Kerrigan coming back from injure to skate a flawless program in that stunning Vera Wang Dress

    Seeing Mike Weiss pull out a 4-3-2 combo at SLC when he had always had a hard time with on quad. Big surprise for me.

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    Re: Best Moments - from what I recall

    Just want to second Michelle's FOG in Salt Lake City and Surya's backflip in Nagano. Also Plushy's Sex Bomb!

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    Re: Best Moments - from what I recall

    Not necessarily the best, but definately most memorable.

    5. B&K's fall at the end of their Olympic LP
    4. S&P at first not winning gold
    3. Sasha's reaction to winning 2000 Nationals SP
    2. Sarah's & Robin's reaction to winning Olympic gold
    1. Alexei's reaction to his Olympic LP scores in the K&C

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