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Thread: Where was USFS coverage of "Figure Skating In Harlem"

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    Exclamation Where was USFS coverage of "Figure Skating In Harlem"

    US Figure Skating Does a Promotion Splat

    Where was the coverage of "Figure Skating In Harlem" earlier this
    week at Central Park Rink, NYC? :sheesh:

    A poster at the USFS Chat Forum asked that very question along with
    remarks expressing real concern and disappointment at the apparent
    lack of foresight to bring this major event to the public's
    attention. It would appear that U.S. Figure Skating has once again
    crashed into the boards on their promotions planning.

    What is going on? Covering this event was a no-brainer! An array of
    impressive skating stars including; Michelle Kwan, Oksana Baiul, Tim
    Goebel, Dorothy Hamill, Tai Babilonia were there along with skating
    notables Dick Button, Peggy Fleming and Tom Collins. Donald Trump,
    and the Mayor of New York also attended & participated in this very
    worthwhile & laudable cause.

    Under the leadership of now departed former President Chuck Foster we
    saw new thought and ideas begin to take hold. There began
    reorganization within USFS, a re-emphasis on promoting the sport, a
    fresh look at skater development, an attempt, at least, to make some
    inroads within the ISU on improving the new COP and how it will be
    used and presented at competitions within the United States. Things
    looked to be improving all around.

    Promotion of the sport, not only for the benefit of the skaters, but
    the fans and viewer as well got a big boost with the complete redo of
    the USFS official website which saw the webcasting of several skating
    events during this current season, with the promise of more to come
    in coming years. We witnessed live scoring from Nationals for the
    first time, along with great photo and video coverage of same, as
    well as all the Grand Prix competitions. It has been slow coming, but
    Media Relations at USFS is finally beginning to warm to the internet
    and all it's capabilities. Now what is needed is to make this
    initial spark really ignite into a roaring blaze and promote the hell
    out of all things skating to help bring in additional marketing
    dollars for the Association.

    technology is only going to improve, making the presentation of major
    competitions LIVE on the web, not only practical, but absolutely
    necessary for future additional revenue for figure skating. Sell
    Season Tickets for heaven's sake... All Event Passes (with backstage
    video for those who pay to receive it). Sell each event per each
    discipline...Short Program, Long Program, by the day,
    whatever.....JUST SELL SKATING!

    If USFS is going to make money you have to do two things. Get paying
    sponsors, not just for competitions, but for all major events that
    the association can promote. So where was the coverage of "Figure
    Skating In Harlem" earlier this week? Where was a MAJOR PROMOTION of
    this event by USFS? What was the Executive Committee doing with
    their heads stuck to the ice? There should have been a full
    production staff there to document the event. Taped coverage of the
    whole or best parts (at least for historical purposes) video clips
    for the website along with photos, and interviews of both the skating
    stars and their interaction with the kids they were there to
    support. From what I understand, Tom Collins of Champions On Ice
    played a big part in this event. USFS has a very good working
    relationship with Mr. Collins and to not have made this a major
    promotion just has my head shaking in wonderment.

    Once again let me repeat.... with the huge cut in Television revenues
    starting to take effect, USFS had better put some resources into it's
    promotion, public relations and marketing departments. Hire
    professionals who have the knowledge and experience to plan, create
    and execute the selling of the sport not only to the public, but the
    corporate world too! Most importantly MAKE USE OF THE INTERNET to
    help accomplish this effort! It's there; It's waiting! What's the
    holdup folks?


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    Hear, hear! I like your passion, Pete.

    I also like the tag line of your signature.


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    I've always been under the impression that it was up to the local organizers to do the promotion & advertising of their event. Hardly a week goes by that I don't see ads on a Spokane channel advertising the '07 Nationals. That's being paid for locally, not by the USFSA.

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    Spokane rocks!

    But I think the point that Visaliakid is raising is that USFS could be more active in using it's web site and other Internet resourses to give more publicity to these events.

    This particular event was more of a meet-and-greet featuring the stars of COI, rather than a show or competition. But in general I agree with Vasali that it would be cool for USFS to take the lead in bringing technology on line to tap the potential of the Internet in promotional features.


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    And the event was organized to help a group which works to bring ice skating to a group of children who normally would never be able to participate. Sounds to me like USFS dropped the ball on this one

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    Photo from FSH on Champions on Ice website

    Looks like someone familiar with skating was covering at the event.

    New picture at in behind the scenes.

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    Here's a new article abut it. They raised $180,000.

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