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    Ryuju Hino

    Ryuju Hino (日野 龍樹) is a Japanese figure skater. He was born in Tokyo Japan on February 12, 1995.

    ISU Bio entry:

    Wikipedia entry:

    RinkResults entry:

    Social Media

    Fan Facebook Account

    Yoshimoto Kogyo Co.

    19-20 Personal Bests Domestic Scores (incl. unofficial records)

    Short Free Total
    75.19 140.93 215.26
    Iizuka Cup Chubu Regionals Chubu Regionals

    19-20 Season Main Results:

    SP score SP rank FS score FS rank Total score Total rank
    Iizuka Cup (8/2-4) 75.19 1 127.31 1 202.50 1
    Chubu Regionals (9/27-29) 74.33 1 140.93 1 215.16 1
    Western Sectionals (11/1-4) 70.66 4 136.47 4 207.13 4
    Aichi FS Competition (12/1-8) 62.82 3 n/a n/a 62.82 3
    Japanese Nationals (12/18-22) 62.47 18 140.26 9 202.73 13

    2007 Yuzuru vs Ryuju II
    2006 Yuzuru vs Ryuju

    2019 Japanese Nationals SP
    2019 Japanese Nationals FS

    2018 Japanese Nationals SP
    2018 Japanese Nationals FS
    2018 Challenge Cup SP+FS
    2018 Challenge Cup SP
    2018 Iizuka Cup FP

    2017 Asian Open LP
    2017 Asian Open EX
    2017 Bavarian Open FS
    2017 Ondrej Nepela Trophy SP
    2017 Iizuka Cup FP
    2017 Japanese Nationals FS

    2016 Japanese Nationals SP
    2016 Japanese Nationals FS

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    Thank you for starting a thread for Ryuju! He's such a nice skater and deserves his own fan thread. He is one of the oldest Japanese single skaters who still compete, and for that he has my admiration. He is on friendly terms with Yuzuru and Keiji, with whom he is the same generation.

    There are not too many Ryuju videos around so don't worry about editing your OP - what's around can be added little by little. Here's one of my favorite performances by him, from JNats where he placed 7th and got emotional: My other fave is his Boheme from two seasons ago, but I cannot find the one performance of it I really liked (Finlandia).

    Little known fun facts:
    - from what I've stumbled upon, Ryuju is probably the biggest talent at foreign languages among the Japanese skaters of late. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think he speaks not only English and Russian, but learns also Italian, Spanish and German! That's very impressive. I want him to become an interviewer at skating events held in Japan, to interpret and interview skaters. He'd be a star at pronouncing their names!
    - his father is Russian, and his middle name is Fyodor. Hence also his nickname 'Fei' among Japanese fans and his skating friends.
    - I think he's originally from Tokyo but IIRC he lives in Osaka and trains in Nagoya. I think he has a brother.
    - I think he trains at Chukyo university, and unless he's left, I think he also trains at Howa Sportsland in Nagoya. He used to work there too, I don't know if he still does.
    - he's revealed his FP for this season is 'Gettysburg'. Very original choice!

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    Thanks, surimi for providing more information.
    I'll add links to his videos, etc. later when I have time.

    He has an older brother by the name of Koojun Hino(日野 公純 ひの こうじゅん), who is a graduate of Tokyo University Graduate School, the most prestigious university in Japan and he had a job lined up, but instead of accepting a job offer he surprised everybody by choosing a career of rakugo (落語 らくご)storyteller in May, 2019. Rakugo is a Japanese traditional art form in which an entertainer sits on stage and tells a comical story. This is Ryuju's brother's bio.

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    An interview with Ryuju on Quadruple Axel 2020 (June 18, 2020) available from these online sellers.

    Translation excerpts:

    --As the government declared a state of emergency I’m afraid it is affecting your skating practice. Tell us your current situation.
    R: My home rink is temporarily closed, and I cannot practice on ice, so I’m doing what I can do at home. There are so many workouts to do that I have to think more carefully than usual about what I need to do.

    --Last year you worked out to strengthen your body following the menus your trainer made for you.
    R: Yes, I follow the same menus and also add some more which I think are necessary.

    --What are these additional workouts?
    R: I have an exercise bike at home and I pedal at a higher intensity. I also use spinner equipment to spin. I have to work on muscles such as leg muscles and inner muscles to maintain my endurance and explosive power.

    --You may feel less motivated sometimes. At such times what do you do?
    R: I think every skater loses motivation once in a while, but I think at such times those who hold out will be winners. I fire myself up so that I will be on the winners’ side.

    --Other than working out, how do you spend your days?
    R: I watch movies and read books. Also, I learn foreign languages using mobile applications.

    --You continue learning Russian and English, which you mentioned before.
    R: In addition to these, I’m learning Italian, Spanish, French, and German as well. Since there are many similar words it is easy to expand my knowledge and connect languages together. Actually I wanted to learn Portugese but there was no application to learn it, so I gave up for now. Usually my life revolves around skating, but I want to try doing various things now (laughs). I think it’s okay to spend days like that during my lifetime.

    .... to be continued

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    Part 2

    --I see you’re living fulfilling days making the most of the current situation. Next, please tell us how you think about this season.
    R: I was doing better in the first half of the season. Now that the season is over, I thought carefully of reasons why I could not keep up the momentum for the rest of the year. I would like to build on my experience next season.

    --After the Western Sectionals things seem to have changed. (t/n: see updated OP for 19-20 results) Can you think of some reasons?
    R: After the Sectionals I increased the practice volume and intensities. But I could not make good use of it and I couldn’t properly recover from fatigue. Therefore, next season I want to prepare myself early on to build physical strength to be fully competitive throughout the season. I want to avoid making the same mistake.

    --What did you think about your placement (13th) at the Japanese Nationals?
    R: I think it reflects my current true ability. Of course I regret that I couldn’t do better, but I have to accept that the Japanese Nationals gave me the opportunity to face reality. I feel disappointed with the result, but I should use that to motivate myself to improve next season.

    --What are you going to work on to improve?
    R: There are three things: to expand my jumps; to be able to glide more effortlessly; and to improve spins for higher difficulty levels as well as increasing rotational speed. Especially I want to attempt a quad, otherwise I will definitely regret not trying. This is one thing I am determined to accomplish.

    .... to be continued

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    Part 3

    --I understand you have a quad toe loop. How is it lately?
    R: Well, I think it rotates enough, so I want to continue training it after the rink reopens. I noticed recently that up to triple jumps I rotate more doing the flip, so I may add a new type when I train quad. Either way, I will keep working hard on quad no matter what.

    --You said you were aiming to spin faster. Do you work out on the spinner you mentioned before for that purpose?
    R: No, Rather, spinner is used to help me improve jumps. Once you’re on the spinner, if you cannot maintain your posture, you cannot keep spinning. Therefore it helps you improve jump air position, because you cannot land a jump cleanly if you go off the rotational axis. I consider the spinner an important tool for jump training as it helps me learn how to sustain my tight air position.

    --When did you start using the spinner?
    R: I’ve had it since I was in elementary school, but I’ve been spending more time on it during this self-isolation period. It helps me spin on ice faster, so I intend to continue training with it.

    --Thank you very much for the valuable story. I would like to ask you about your programs next season.
    R: I’m planning to keep “Symphony No. 3 (with Organ)” for the short, but I’ll have a new free program. Next season I’ll skate to “Gettysburg.” This is the music I’ve always wanted to skate to, and in the past I’ve been waiting to see when the time is ripe; I kept wondering “Is it too soon?” and “Should I do it now?” but I had not had enough courage to decide until recently. My feeling about it is so strong that it took me quite a lot of courage to make up my mind.

    --You felt “At last, the time has come.”?
    R: Yes, exactly..

    --Many skaters have skated to it. Who do you remember well?
    R: The American skater, Todd Eldredge is most memorable. Among Japanese skaters there are Takahito Mura, Tomoyuki Koriyama, Kento Nakamura who was my senior at Jingu (Meiji Jingu Gaien Ice Skating Rink in Tokyo), and Takuya Kondoh. Also, Kohei Yoshino who is my current choreographer skated to it during his competitive career.

    .... to be continued to the last part

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    Last Part
    --You said you would keep the short, and I would like to know why.
    R: Because people around me liked (Symphony No. 3) “Organ” very much. Besides, I regret I could not skate my best at Japanese Nationals so I wanted to make it a better program. First, I want to review the program as a whole and then I’ll aim to perfect every move. I want to add more intensity as well as softness to the program to make it more profound.

    --I am looking forward to it. Please tell us your next year’s goal and also any issues to work on.
    R: Rather than trying to skate clean early in the season, I want to go all out with no fear of failure. In the past I had a tendency to somehow pursue perfection, but I now want to be an insatiable fighter. I will do my best aiming for spots in international competitions.

    --Did you know that your brother became a professional rakugo storyteller?
    R: He was studying in graduate school and went through job hunting and had a job offer but could not give up his dream to be a rakugo performer (t/n: comic story teller). Before telling our parents he wanted to start his rakugo career by becoming an apprentice of his mentor, he had asked me for advice. I encouraged him right away, and our parents gave him their blessing by saying “Your life, your choice.” My parents have been supportive of me as well and helped me continue skating for such a long time, and I’m truly indebted to them.

    --I understand your older brother used to be a figure skater when he was little.
    R: We practiced together at Citizen Rink and Jingu Rink until he went to middle school. Then he decided to devote himself to studies and had been studying hard. He is much smarter than I and a hard worker and I’m no match for him (laughs).

    --Thank you for sharing your great story. Now, to conclude our talk, please give your fans a few words.
    R: It looks like people are speculating on my status, but I am working hard to keep competing next year. I chose “Gettysburg” for the free with my considerable determination to get into competition. I will try as hard as I can, and I would really greatly appreciate it if you would root for me more than ever.


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    Thank you for the excerpt translations! I hope Ryuju manages to achieve his goal of getting an international assignment. The line of great Japanese male skaters who hope for the same is long, but if he manages to nail his programs, it's definitely possible. I'll be rooting for him.

    I wonder why he says there are no apps to study Portuguese? Duolingo offers a Portuguese course for free. Maybe he doesn't want to learn it in English?

    One recommendation if he wants to be an 'insatiable fighter'. Maybe he should add working on his overall bearing/expression for the start. It shouldn't be difficult at all, yet it makes a world of difference in the impression one gets from his programs. I like Ryuju, but one thing that I find frustrating about him is that he doesn't emote a lot (still less smile during a performance), and that when he finishes his skate, no matter if he skates well or not, he always has a tragic expression on his face, and you wonder if he's about to start smiling or crying. It's frustrating for me as a fan to watch, and I cannot imagine how the judges feel about it. I wonder if he would get better PCS if he emoted more, and stopped looking like Greek tragedy personified right after the final pose. Especially when there's no reason for that.

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    The Girl Without A Face
    I think he is a very sensitive and emotional person, and this season we may be able to see new bolder Ryuju who does not keep his emotions inside, as he seems to be more driven and fearless.

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