Hey, RTureck, my order just came from Tower Records of the Lipinski violin concertos and the Arutjunian trumpet concerto. Thanks for posting about them on the "Can you see this?" thread.

I was very pleasantly surprised and pleased by the Arutjunian. I generally shy away from twentieth century classical music. Dissonance, atonality and weirdness for the sake of weirdness just aren't my thing.

But this concerto in one movement harks back to the classical structural traditions, yet the composer has something new to say as well. It is great skating music. It alternates triumphant and glorious sections and with parts that are beautiful and lyrical. The orchestral part has considerable substance, too -- it is not just a backdrop for the virtuoso soloist.

I am definitely going to order another one and send it to Raphael Arutunian, LOL. Although I think maybe it suits a skater like Todd Eldredge better than Michelle Kwan.

Now, here is my dilemma. I ordered two copies of the (Frank?) Karol Lipinski violin concertos #2, 3, and 4. But only one was shipped. Since the Tower web site said "low stock," I suppose that maybe one is all they had left. I haven't opened it yet. Should I send this one to Tara, and hope that I can order another one for myself? What if the music is terrible and not something that I want to send to Tara at all?

But if I open it and listen to it, then I might not be able to get another one for Tara. Advise, please!