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Thread: Flat screen tv questions

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    Flat screen tv questions

    I'm thinking about getting a flat screen television in a few months...

    They are still pretty expensive but they have come down a lot in the past years... and I figure that by mounting it on the wall I can save a few hundred bucks by not buying a media armouire.

    Does anyone know the difference between LCD and plasma, besides about fifteen hundred dollars? I thought that LCD was like the same thing as my laptop screen... but when I saw one at the store, it seemed different.

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    Flat Panel TVs

    Hi there Longhornliz!.

    This is an exciting yet confusing time for TV buyers.... there are many options but beware of conflicting information. Going to a big box store one has to remember the entire reason for their being is to sell at all costs. Its a total crap shoot as to whether or not you will get an experienced and truly knowledgeable sales assistant. I find one common mistake buyers make when searching for an HD TV is that they tend to trust only the young sales people. If they are under 25 they should know the technology? seems to be the logic us older folks use. Younger does not always translate to knowing the technology and value of a TV!

    Anyway, with that said, I can point you to a place where real HD TV owners share gobs of information

    Go to the site and check out the HDTV FAQ section. Lots of good information - watch out for info overload however!

    One thing you must find out before buying is who has the best High Definition channel lineup in your area: cable or satellite. Depending on your local situation your cable company can rent you the HD receiver versus having to buy something from a satellite provider. There are differences to watch out for.

    Regarding LCD versus plasma: a couple of issues to watch out for:
    - LCD screens may be HD compatible, EDTV ready or just digital. To experience true high definition, they must be HD ready; anything else like EDTV or digital means the set can receive digital signal (not really true digital, but that's another story) but not display true HD signal. You must ask specifically if the screen displays true HD.
    - for plasmas to be hung correctly on a wall requires drilling holes into the wall to secure a mount to a couple of studs. This can be expensive, and before you buy you should check the weight of the set and make sure your wall can support the TV. Wallfishing wires (to conceal them to give the set the right "floating on the wall" apperance) can cost some money. Big stores tend to charge ALOT of money to do this so be sure to ask.

    Personally, I am very happy with my DLP projection HDTV. It sits on the floor and is just the right viewing height. Also, be sure to not overbuy - a 65 inch screen in a 14x14ft room will completely overwhelm the space. Sometimes, smaller is better.

    Lastly, check in at and feel free to create an account and post some questions. The moderator 57U is very knowledgeable and helpful and does not seem to play brand favorites.

    Happy shopping! Tenorguy

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