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Thread: Sport Culture needs to change

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    Sport Culture needs to change

    Sports Culture needs to change. If the culture surrounding sports changes I believe that can bring about much needed changes across the board.

    It is ultimately the parent's duty to protect their child. It will always begin and end with them. But the responsibility of the coach is massive. The culture needs to support positive change in coaching through all sports.

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    Honestly, they should just raise the age limit to 18 or 21. And I know a lot of people don't like that but how can you change the culture of sports like figure skating and gymnastics when the majority of the athletes are kids and teenagers whose careers are being dictated by the adults around them? Give them the opportunity to have a childhood and a life. Most figure skaters and gymnasts are so sheltered never having the opportunity to experience normal childhood and teenage events. Let them have the opportunity for them to experience new things so that way they're already have somewhat of an idea of what they want to do or would like to do once their sporting careers are over.

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