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Thread: Help bring ISU events back to network!

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    Skating is a niche sport, like boxing or wrestling, which are frequently on pay per view. (no, I don't buy them, obviously) The Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup get enough money from being on broadcast TV that they don't need pay per view.

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    My computer froze when I went to that site, then my keyboard couldn't enter any letters and I had to reboot. I'm still having lots of computer problems. There's something wrong with that host.

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    GAH, I realized that too! I e-mailed them and will try to get it fixed!

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    OK, they never fixed the petition for me so I started a new one with a more reliable host. Here it is - please sign if you want to!

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    Hi Linny...

    Quote Originally Posted by Linny
    The world is moving towards viewer paid programming. For example, the National Hockey League games are no longer available on network televisions.

    It would be super if someone were allowed to tape all the performances and provide the ability to purchase a DVD after the fact. I wonder if ISU would consider contracting someone? That way, we could all see all the qualifying rounds, etc. without commercial interruption. I'd be willing to buy something like that.

    My sport (dressage) is pretty near never broadcast, even on pay-per-view. So, if I want to see more than the little bits they show during the Olys (and, believe me, the coverage for Oly figure skating is oh-so-much-better), then I buy the DVD that is made available through the International Equestrian Federation.

    I know what you mean!! I'm surprised that complete video's / DVD's of entire competitions haven't been made available for sale. I'd sure buy 'em. Truth be told, I'd rather buy a commercial free DVD, (or even put up with some ad sponsors if it made the DVD's less expensive) than to *fight* to see a few skaters occassionally on network TV.

    Like Dressage, my own specific dog sport is not televised. I buy the DVD's from EVERY dog show I go to, and even some I don't. While I support the efforts (and will fill out the petition) to get more FS coverage back on network TV, I would REALLY support an effort for entire comps to be offered on DVD.


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