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Thread: Skateboarding from Russia

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    Skateboarding from Russia

    Greetings, I from Russia. I am fond skateboarding. has come here completely casually and has read through a lot of interesting. At us now the development skateboarding, for last years we have left on rather high level though certainly very much we differ from you. It would be desirable to communicate and get acquainted simply. It is not necessary to laugh at this message, ignore better. Also forgive for my English *)

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    Since your English is one thousand times better than my non-existent Russian, your message is just fine. Welcome to the GS board. We hope to hear more from you. Even better, we hope to hear about the coverage of the figure skating world championships in Moscow next month. Hope you get a chance to watch. And you can always practice your English telling us about it. We love first hand reports. Even on coverage by media in another nation.

    When did you get interested in skateboarding? Do you skate? compete? Or are you a fan only? (trust me, "fan only" is not an insult to me. I can barely stand up on skates and have sworn off even trying the boards.)

    Teenagers here are really interested in skateboarding. In the Cleveland area, there are several dedicated skate parks that are specifically designed for skateboarding. Are you seeing that develop in Russia? I live in a city, and the children walk to school here instead of riding a bus. I always see teenagers riding.

    Do you only do the boards? Or do you also do in-line skating? Or even snowboarding? (I don't know where you live. You could be in a mountainous region, or at least one that has ski areas.)

    PS, the teens here call it "skating." To them, I guess, skateboarding is the only "skating" there is.

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