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Thread: How do you answer this question?

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    How do you answer this question?

    Whenever I meet someone and something comes up about skating, they want to know who is my favorite. I don't really have a favorite. There are some I may or may not like as well as others but I just could not come up with a favorite. :sheesh:
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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    Ah yes, THE question.

    If you don't have any favorites, just say I don't have any favorites but I enjoy watching A, B, and C skate.

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    I usually answer "I like almost all of them but Kurt and Scott are two of my personal favorites".
    It's soooo hard to name just one or even a few favorites. Even those that aren't my personal favorites I have enjoyed a program or two of theirs at one time or other.

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    Whenever someone asks me which of my dogs is my favorite, I always reply that my favorite is the one that I am petting or watching or thinking of.

    Therefore, my replay to the question "Who is your favorite skater" is: "The one that I am watching or thinking of - all of them."

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    I just had a reporter from my local paper here to do a story on my figure skating book collection. He asked me that same question, who is my favorite skater. I had a hard time answering it, so I said my first favorite was Peggy Fleming, but after her there really hasn't been a favorite one. I like them all. I do have a few that I don't like though.......

    Speaking of questions about skating, the reporter also asked what it is that I like about skating. I had a hard time answering this question because I couldn't find the right words to tell him why I like doing skating and watching it. I just do.

    What is it that you all like about skating?

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    Well, the question is an absolutly academic one for me. Kurt Browning. Nuff said. End of discussion. Life is so easy when you're hopelessly biased.

    As for why I like skating...I would have to say the grace, beauty and power of it. And the emotion--I love actors and acting, and let me tell you, there are so Oscar-worthy acting performaces that happen on that ice sometimes.

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    Ha! You think that is a tough question!

    When people find out I'm from Russia, they always ask me, "So, how do you like it in America?" The question is just so pointless ("How do you like your Mom", "How do you like the Sun", etc.) After 16 years, it gets so annoying. I usually just smile politely and say "It's home".

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