For those of you like myself who enjoy Synchronized Team Skating, just a reminder that starting tomorrow the site will be providing a live webcast of most all the 2005 Synchronized Team Skating National Championships, from Lowell, MA. Check their website for details on ordering.

The only events from nationals that will not be webcast is the Collegiate and Senior Free Skates. That will be broadcast on March 6th, from 9 to 11 pm on Comcast Cable's CN8 in the Northeast U.S. This broadcast will also be webcast simultaneously on their website at: webcasts are free.

While mentioning this event, I might add that I have received numerous emails from synchro team skaters who are subscribed to my Blazing Blades Blog asking about video clips of Precision Skating. So, I thought it would be worthwhile to suggest that anyone who enjoys this division of figure skating who has the capability to convert taped or digital recordings to clips to record some for uploading to Rinkside (when it is backup) Soulseek's "IceRoom" or on FSU using the or file loading sites. I know the Syncho Skating community would be excited to see such clips.