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Thread: Natalia Mishkutenok interview(she's getting remarried)

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    Artur's Marriage


    I remember seeing an interview back when things happened. Natalia described as stoically as she could. She said Artur told Natalia and their coach that he was "getting married and having a baby." The look on her face told that she was shocked about it-shocked in the way a woman is shocked when she's been dating a man and he tells her that he's marrying someone else.

    Anyway I so mourn for the good old days of skating. Artur and Natalia had so much passion and creativity on the ice it's really missed! I love figure skating but as I watch the new couples I feel they don't scratch the surface when it comes to portraying true emotion on the ice.

    My wish is that the cable companies/networks would devise a way to allow people to access EVERY single past event that was ever shown! I know about TIVO & programs like that but I really long for the old programs. Today a lot of skating is mostly fluff and no substance. Of course I can't fault the skaters themselves because if they weren't shown or taught to delve into this deeper realm it's not likely they'll find it by themselves.

    I wish Natalia luck! I was fortunate enough to see her skate WITH Craig at an event. She was so sweet! I have to imagine it's hard for anyone in the spotlight. Imagine reading about things that took place a decade ago that you may really rather forget. I hope that Natalia can cash in on her legacy. I'm very happy for today's skaters financial success but I do feel it's unfortuante that skaters like Natalia may not be benefiting from the lucritive deals young skaters are getting now. Good luck and much happiness to Natalia! Thanks to the person who originated this thread. I've wondered what Natalia's up to.

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    I think I remember that interview (1994 Olys?)

    I wish Natalia the best too with her career.

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    I am sad to read about the break up. If they werent getting along though, it was for the best. Wish her luck with her new husband and good she is happy and
    enthusiastic about her current life still.

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