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Thread: I'm in Kitchener

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    I'm in Kitchener

    Hi Everyone,

    I left Vancouver with spring-like weather of 15 degrees yesterday morning and arrived last night in Kitchener to winter weather with lots of snow and cold. I'm slowly getting organized and finding my way around the arena.

    There aren't many skaters here yet and I've only seen bit & snips of practises while I'm getting set up. The media room overlooks the practise rink and you can just about hear the music if you listen really hard. There's a few dancers on the ice right now. Pairs are on over in the main rink, so I'm going to head over there. None of the Canadian pairs were here for their earlier practise.

    Just wanted to let you all know that I'm here and planning on posting some practise reports over the weekend.


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    Rosaleen, da Queen of reports is in Kitchener!!! Once again, it will be pleasure to read your reports.

    It will be appreciated to hear on how Dubé/Davison are looking after her injury. Hope they'll be able to skate at their best, unlike at Canadians.

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    Thanks for checking in!!!

    We all LOVE your reports!! Thanks in advance for your time keeping us informed.


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    Ditto.....we DO all love your reports. Have fun.

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    Thanks Rosaleen. Glad you're there .. always love reading your reports!

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