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Thread: To Mikitan re 4 continents

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    To Mikitan re 4 continents

    Has Japan named it's entries for the Four Continents championship yet?


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    4CC entries

    Men: Takeshi HONDA, Kensuke NAkANIWA, Daisuke TAKAHASHI, (sub)Yamato TAMURA
    Ledies: Fumie SUGURI, Yoshie ONDA, Shizuka ARAKAWA, (sub) Yukari NAKANO
    Pairs: Yuko KAWAGUCHI / Alexander MARKUNTSOV
    Ice Dancing: Rie ARIKAWA / Kenji MIYAMOTO, Nozomi WATANABE / Akiyuki KIDO

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    Re: 4CC entries

    Wow, that's great Mikitan. Thanks for the information.

    So Japan is sending their front line: Suguri, Onda and Arakawa.
    And the U.S., for once, isn't holding back either, with Hughes, McDonough and Kirk. Right there are 6 of my very favorite skaters in the world. This is going to be the best Four Continents ever!

    My prediction: I don't know why, but I think that Yoshie Onda is the one to watch.

    I'm also glad to see ice dancers Watanabe and Kido. I saw them at Skate America, and they stole the show with their on-ice personality and raz-ma-taz. They probably won't medal, but they are a very entertaining couple.


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    Re: 4CC entries

    Onda has withdrawn from Asian Games due to "injury" and has been replaced by Arakawa. It's not clear what her injury is or how serious it is, and there is already speculation that it is "fake."

    Anyway, if she is really injured, it may affect her preparation for Four Continents and GP Final.

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    Re: 4CC entries

    I have never seen the Asian Games. Doesn't seem that major. Is it?

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    If you are still reading, this is off topic.

    What is the piece of music for Yoshie's freeskate? I believe it is Lalo's cello concerto. ( I am too lazy to dig up the tape of trophee lalique, or the Lalo cd). So if you have this information please let me know, thanks.

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