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Thread: Pairs Short - Notes

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    Pairs Short - Notes

    The following notes are copyright Golden Skate, please do not copy & paste

    I haven't written in the placements because the results are on the event website

    SWE Pylkina / Hogner Start 1
    Notes music is samson & delilah / him in dark purple her in light / bids with flip over / sbs 2a bit far part / thr 3t pitched forward & scratchy but seemed clean / lateral 2tw is nice & high / he has a bit of smile on is face all the way through / he has a lovely forward spiral / sbs cam sit back sit leg in front very good sync / toe overhead with change to one hand star / apir nest cam to back cam sit bit of trouble on back end of spin / pb 46.29 / tes 29.96 tcs 18.43 tot 48.39 /

    CAN Duhamel / Arnold Start 2
    Notes her in light purple him in white shirt with purple insets & dark pants / adagio / 2tw is nicely done / sbs 2a synced well / over head toe no pos hand change / thr 3t not very big but clean / sbs flycam sit ch sit out of sync - exact opposite / spirals in O pattern with change of edge / bids with change of hand entrance / pair spin nested cam to her in catchfoot to back arabesque & im in sit / / there was some nice emotion & transitions in the program / pb 41.4 / tes 27.46 tcs 20.40 tot 47.86 / /

    CAN Cronin / Shales Start 3
    Notes her in orange him in black / tango jealousy / some nice expressive chor to start / 2tw is good / thr 2t / sbs spin in good sync & pos matched / sbs 2l him hand down / spirals move well - he needs more extension / toe overhead to star with weird exit to inside edge / bids is unique starts with her laying back on his skate and he uses front pivot / pair spin is good / pb 43.86 / tes 25.45 tcs 19.27 tot 44.72 /

    GER Handke / Wende Start 4
    Notes tango jalousie / him in black her in red asymetrical with black / high 2tw / sbs 2a clean / sbs cam sit out on cam got back in on upright to back sit to catch knee / thr 2t she put her free foot down / pairspin is pretty good bit slow and his cam pos need work / toe overhead to one hand with one hand set down / spirals are good with nice pos / bids with 2rev / pb 49.24 / tes 26.84 tcs 17.97 tot 44.81 /

    RUS Mukhortova / Trankov Start 5
    Notes quidam from cirque de soleil / burgundy / starts out with a big sneeze / sbs 2a are excellent / there's a comdic bent to this that I've been looking forward to seeing / thr 3t was huge & she had to put her hand down / sbs spins were out of sync for the 1st half / some chor and the crowd is clapping along / 2tw is nice / toe overhead to sort of start / spirals are good and he's acting all the way through it / bids has a pos that her butt is in the air / pair spin is well done / pb 56.36 / tes 29.07 tcs23.51 tot 52.58 /

    UKR Dikhtiar / Zalevski Start 6
    Notes bright blue & white folk type costumes / ukranian folk music / 2tw is ok / thr 2t / sbs 2a she fell both were very slow into them / toe overhead to one hand / sbs back cam sit front sit upright out of sync on front half / the music seems to be way ahead of them / spirals are a bit sloppy / pair facing cam to sit to back opposing cam / pb 44.29 / tes 22.94 tcs 16.46 ded 1 tot 38.40 /

    RUS Kokareva / Golovkin Start 7
    Notes both in white satin shirts over burgundy unitard / 2tw is good / costumes are really nice / spread eagles into sbs 2a very close together & good sync / thr3t is nice - lovely air pos / toe overhead to one hand to upside down split / sbs spin are excellent with one tiny sync error very close together almost too close on the camel / spirals are ok / bids start with her in catch foot / pair nest cam to catchfoot to back cam sit / pb 51.27 / tes 31.75 tcs 22.71 tot 54.46 /

    USA Miller / Brubaker Start 8
    Notes romeo & juliet / her in puple velvet him in cream shirt with matching pants / 2tw is clean but not very high / toe overhead no change of pos but good ice coverage and her pos is lovely / thr 3t / sbs 2a perfect sync & close / sbs cam upright back sit almost perfect sync / spirals are nice / bids starts with her in catch foot fast revs / pair nest cam to him in sit to trad pair sit / pb 55.71 / tes 29.85 tcs 21.69 tot 51.54 /

    CAN Dube / Davison Start 9
    Notes her in red satin him in black / hasta Que te conoci / sbs 2a very nice / toe over head to no hands star - fast covered full length of ice / spirals are ice to ina / 2tw landed with her hands overhead / music changes and some chor to match / thr 3tfell / bit of playing with music / sbs spins tiny bit out of sync at start but perfect for rest of them / pair spin has nice variations / nice pos into bids / pb 45.68 / tes 29.87 tcs 25.02 ded 1 tot 53.89 /

    RUS Efaieva / Menshikov Start 10
    Notes shades of brown and yellow / pirates of the caribbean / bids with him changing hands / sbs 2a out of sync but both clean / he fell then she did not sure if they missed an element / thr 3t she stepped out / toe overhead / sbs spins out of sync at first ok after change of foot / 2tw is ok / they did the spirals and the pair spin so didn't seem to mis an element but I thought they were going into something when he fell / 45.82 pb / tes 27.43 tcs 17.84 ded 1 tot 44.27 /

    UKR Goreeva / Talan Start 11
    Notes her in red with white him in white shirt with red design - folk type costumes / circus dance poka / sbs 2l he fell she landed on 2 feet / 2tw is ok / thr 3t she hung on / toe overhead no hand or pos changes / sbs cam upright sit foot at side got a bit out of sync / spirals were soso / bids looked like they wre going to lose it / pair spin was ok / 34.61 pb / tes 23.35 tcs 15.89 ded 1 tot 38.24 /

    GBR Kemp / King Start 12
    Notes westside sotry / red with black underskirt him in red shirt & black pants / pair spin is ok / sbs 2l good sync / 2tw is low but clean / spirals are phrased with music / sbs spins are a bit slow but good sync - pos doesn't match on back sit / thr 3t stepout / toe overhead is ok not much ice coverage / bids is ok / pb 38.74 / tes 24.70 tcs 15.01 tot 39.71 /

    USA Vlassov / Meekins Start 13
    Notes black with fluorescent ruffles on arms both in cat suits / picante by vanessa mae / sbs 2a good sync / thr 3t she hung on to it / sbs cam sit back sit close & very good sync / music changes and they play with the calypso / back shoot duck into 2tw / some nice hops back & fort into toe overhead to one hand / spirals move well and both have their share / entrance to bids has his leg going over her head - I was writing and didn't see what happened but they both fell / pair spin to end is good / pb 49.83/ tes 25.92 tcs 20.50 ded 1 tot 45.42 /

    CHN An / Wu Start 14
    Notes light pin at shoulders shading to purple at hem & pants / bohemia capriccio / thr 3t one hand down / sbs 2a both fell in sync / sbs cam sit back catch knee close but in and out of sync / pair spin has some rough oments but also a couple of good ones / toe overhead to star / 2tw is lateral good / spirals are ok - some nice pos / into bids / it wasn't that bad a skate but there was somethiing missing - no real connection to the music / pb 42.48 / tes 25.58 tcs 15.99 ded 1 tot 40.57 /

    CZE Zoubkova / Verner Start 15
    Notes black & yellow / piano de america / sbs 2a she fell / 2 tw is pretty high / thr 2t / bids starts with catch foot / sbs spins he fell on the cam waited for her to finish / spirals are pretty with both doing strt leg to side / toe over head to one hand with one hand set down / pair cam sit change cam set catchfoot / pb 35.43 / tes 21.78 tcs 16.23 ded 2 tot 36.01 /

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    Rosaleen - Thanks for the pair notes. I really like to read your notes.

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