Wow! So many great posts while I was computer non grata. I've been trying to catch up all night so I will just say a great big THANK YOU! to everyone who contributed on page 4 and 5, which is when I was gone. Besides, I probably would have said a lot of the things Doggygirl said. Seriously, I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to hear the Chinese POV.

And I agree, Hongligl, about asking Bin Yao for a photo of Qing Pang from the mid-'90s. It might put him in an awkward position or just be the wrong thing.

Thanks for clarifying what you meant by the throw triple jumps. I wasn't sure when I read it, but kudos to you for being fluent in two languages while I struggle with one. We may have to agree to disagree, but a skater could have the bone density of a 60-year-old and land throw triple jumps without breaking their legs, as most people think. The bones of the leg are mostly the denser cortical bone and the training provided by figure skating makes them denser than normal. One of the abstracts from PubMed I cited mentions this. Bone problems in the legs are usually stress fractures. If it's diagnosed quickly and not bad, an athlete can be back competing at full capacity in two to three months, provided the athlete gets appropriate care. Where athletes with low bone density have most of their problems over the years is in the spine because the vertebrae are trabecular bone (the more pourous kind). It's often a slow process, leaving the athlete first with a chronic backache, which s/he thinks is normal because of being an athlete, and leading to, at its worst, to a complete collapse of one or more vertebrae. Anyway, sorry I misunderstood you.

Chisk8fan: Thank you so much for your medical insights and also for taking the time to look at tapes of Q/P going back years. When I was young and had more space than memories in my brain, I really did have a good memory. It was like having a brand new empty basement or garage. Thirty years later, things I'm SURE I remember as being one way turn out upon verification not to be that way at all. No matter what age we're at, you make a great point about going back and looking through the tapes, not to mention your explanation of the medical-scientific thought process.

And thanks especially for the prize, Mathman. That's the Official Golden Skate Best Thread Prize, right, that comes with a $10 million dollar cash prize? I'll take it in $20s and $50s, thanks. Of course I'll split it with the posters on the thread -- up to now, heh-heh. Not to mention Mathman's kickback.