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Thread: Icenut84 please read

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    Icenut84 please read

    On antoher thread you gave a description of a T&D tape called "The story so far." Do you know how/where I can buy this? thank you so much for your help!

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    Re: Icenut84 please read


    It's a tape that was released in 1996. It should be available on or, if not, it might come up on or you never know, you might find it in a shop. It's well worth getting! It's got more of their routines on that any other tape and a lot of them aren't available anywhere else. Enjoy!

    These pics are some of the pro routines on the tape:

    Oscar Tango:

    Song of India:


    Hat Trick:


    And lots more! Not to mention most of their amateur routines. It's my favourite tape.

    BTW, the cover has a pic from Bolero on it.

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    Icenut84 you're awesome

    wow, icenut84 thank you so much! that is such a big help, I've been looking for a good tape of them for a while. those pictures are amazing! thanks again!

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    Re: Icenut84 you're awesome

    No problemo! I checked on amazon, though (the US version - I assume you live in the US), and it's not on there. They have four T&D vids (Russian All Stars tour, Path To Perfection, Six Gestures, and I think the Face The Music tour), but not The Story So Far. I oculdn't see it on ebay or on the rainbo site either. I'm not sure where else you could get it - you could try in normal shops/sports shops/maybe skating shops? but apart from that, I don't know. It's available on the UK amazon site ( I think, and often pops up on the UK ebay, so if you live here then you can get it from there (or if you are able to play/convert PAL tapes to NTSC). I'm sure there's numerous other sites that could have it though, I think there's one actually called "skating tape" but I don't know the URL. Try a search enine or something?
    Good luck

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    Re: Icenut84 you're awesome


    Go on there are many figure skating tapes on them. so here and you will click on video and thenenter the word sports and then winter sports.

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    Re: Icenut84 you're awesome

    Someone said a long time ago that Face The Music the Tour video is a good choice, too. I think I was looking for a video with Encounters. I have the tape, but for whatever reasons haven't opened it.

    I really wish they would re-release these videos on DVD.

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