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Thread: Top Model?

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    Top Model?

    Cycle 4 premiers tonight... can't exactly remember the time though.. that's what digital cable reminders are for.. :-)

    Last night they had this little hour long fluff piece about where all the contestants from last cycle (Tyra can't call them seasons for some reason) and what they're doing now. It was amusing.

    Anyways, anyone else going to be watching?

    Or am I the lone 'don't watch AI' girl here?

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    I love your disclaimer, honey...
    Not too impressed with the contestants this "cycle". It scares me that one of the final 20 looked "just like Janice Dickinson".
    When did you stop watching AI?

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    You two crack me up!

    I love ANTM, but it's on at the same time as Lost, so I'll be watching the reruns on Friday nights (I am so glad UPN does that!!). I hear that the "B%@#! poured beer on my weave!" chick from last season is back.

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    Man, it seems like they chose a lot of boring chicks, over a couple who I really wanted to see make it (Mary & Estela, and the Kat Lady just for kicks). I mean, Tatiana? Dullsville!

    I can't remember all of their names, but I'm glad Tiffany made it (the weave gal from last time), I liked Noel and Lluvy, think that the wrestler chick is interesting, and I've found the one I'll be rooting for - Naima!

    OTOH, I can't believe they took the super-tanned gal from Tallahassee and "Janice Dickinson Jr". Her act seems way too forced.

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    Hopefully once they all get into the house and that crazy drama stuff starts happening these girls will show their personality I'll find a favorite. The only one who stuck in my mind was the girl from the middle-of-nowhere. Her walk was really good. At least I thought so. I still don't like Mr. Jay. He's a butt.

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