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Thread: Pairs - Free Program - Notes

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    Pairs - Free Program - Notes

    The following notes are copyright Golden Skate, please do not copy & paste anywhere.

    Some of the scores are incomplete and I haven't written in the placements because the results are on the event website

    UKR Goreeva / Talan Start 1
    Notes chicago soundtrack / him in black pinstripe with yellow accents her in black with yellow / starts with all that jazz and some matching moves / sbs 2t / 2tw is nice / thr 2t / sbs 1a turns 2t / their movement and chor is well match with the music / bit in and out of sync on the sbs spins / toe overhead didn't get up / fids she was very low he came out of pivot early / thr 2s / hip lift to start to her leaning on her side / something went weird in she was standing waiting for him / spirals are very slow/ strt steps / some acting into the pair spin / seemed to finish way ahead of their music / pb 56.16 / tes 26.34 tcs 29.99 tot

    UKR Dikhtiar / Zalevski Start 2
    Notes music is light cavalry him in navy military style her in royal blue / bods 2 revs / sbs 2a she fell / 2tw is nice / toe overhead with change to one hand / thr 2t / sbs flycam perfect sync & pos match until the last 2 revs / back hand to hand press lift / spirals to a melodic section of music / thr 2l / hip to one hand star / sbs 2t step 2t / sbs steps flow well / pair spin facing cam traditional sit change to opposing camel / pb 77.73 / tes 35.63 tcs 32.43 ded 1 tot 67.06 / gr tot 105.46 /

    CZE Zoubkova / Verner Start 3
    Notes black & orange as one person called them, skating lava lamps - I thought of puzzzle pieces / music is krysto9f // high 2tw / sbs 3s she fell he had a messy landing / some neat chor to a driving beat / thr 3s huge on a lean fell / toe overhead to one hand with one hand set down / spirals have somenice pos / sbs 2f turn 2t / back h to h press lift / thr 2l fell / strt steps are ok bit on slow side / sbs fly cam far apart and out of sync for most of them / hip lift to one hand start / fids very low 2revs/ pair spin facing cam to trad sit to back cam catchfoot / finished way ahead of their music /pb 58.07 / tes 34.80 tcs

    CHN An / Wu Start 4
    Notes her in gorgeous maroon velvet dress him in black velvet / music is the first day by thaler / right into the sbs 3t she fell / lateral high 3tw / thr 3t very nice / sprials are ok / nested cam starts the very slow pair spin / true lasso lift nice / sbs 2ashe fell turns 2t by him / sbs spins are far apart but very good sync / toe overhead to star looked a little unsteady to me / thr3s very nice / str steps / hip to star lift / bods barely one rev withhim in pivot / there really didn't seem to be much in the way of connection to their music / pb 69.49 / tes 41.63 tcs

    RUS Efaieva / Menshikov Start 5
    Notes maroon with gold trim / music is duel, kismet by bond / some nice movement & chor / nice 3tw / sbs 3s not in sync but think bot were clean / lift I didn't see take off no pos change one hand set down / thr 3l / hip to one hand star to her on her side / sbs 2a out of sync agin not sure if she dsingled / sbs flycam very close fast spin good sync / thr 3s / came around facing me for the spirals and she has an ear to ear smle on her face / bods / lift again I missed the takeoff but one hand set down / O ftwrk moves wel / pair spin to end - a little after their music / there were all kinds of nice touches of chor in this program and they move fast and very well as a pair / pb 84.32 / tes 49.54 tcs 37.35 tot 86.89 / gr tot 131.16 /

    GBR Kemp / King Start 6
    Notes navy velvet with gold trim - just lovely music is U 571 soundtrack / music starts with snare drum & some steps to match / 2tw is nice / sbs 2l good sync / thr 3s / pair spin is ok bit slow / hip lift to one hand star to platter and her rest on his thighfor set down / sbs 2f she fell turns 2t / spirals to melodic section / thr 2l wild in air but she landed it / toe over head to star / sbs flycam sit open leg good sync until open leg / diag steps / step overhead / she has very nice air pos/ fids was verynice until the exit and something went a bit wrong / pb 63.0 / tes 38.94 tcs 31.87 ded 1 tot 69.81 / gr tot 109.52 /

    CAN Cronin / Shales Start 7
    Notes him in psyadelic shirt her in burnt red / Rush, the messiah will come gain / 3tw is clean - not high / thr 3s / some nice chor / toe over head / sbs 2f turns 2f / back nested cam starts the apir spin/ thr3l not sure if completely clean but she stood up on it / reverse toe overhead to star with a flip out exit I think / upside down platter with unqiue exit / bids with multiple variations in pos / sbs 2l / sbs cam sit back sit / strt steps are right with the music but he had 2 obvious bobbles / pb 85.12/ tes 46.81 tcs 38.82 tot 85.63 / gr tot 130.35 /

    GER Handke / Wende Start 8
    Notes withdrew due to him having the flu /

    SWE Pylkina / Hogner Start 9
    Notes her in red with black trim him in black / huge lateral 3tw / sbs 3s she sep out / thr3s is huge / sbs flycam sit forward sit leg at side very good sync / music is Jalouse Andalouse, All that remains / some chor with spanish flavour / h to h to one hand lift verynice & smooth he moves very well / thr 3t fell / inside out nested spirals / sbs 3s turns 2f / toe overhead to star to one hand / lifts cover good ice & maintain nice speed / fids / strt steps are flowey & with music / true lasso to star / pair spin nest cam to her in back cam him in sit / pb 79.36 / tes 50.47 tcs 40.15 ded 1 tot 89.62 / gr tot 138.01 /

    USA Vlassov / Meekins Start 10
    Notes both in black with royal blue sequin design down right side / music is paychek soundtrack / sbs 2a he step out / thr 3t step out / back shoot duck by her into 2tw / sbs 2z hop 2f or 2t / some nice moves & assited jump into thr 3s that didn't happen / nice lift that I missed the takeoff of / music slows and some nice chor / hip lift to star to upside down split / I missed sothing think the bods / sbs spins were ok exept at sync problem near end / antoher lift into the pair spin / sorry was distracted a bit by someone talking to me / generally their skate seemed tentative to me esp on her part / pb 83.37 / tes 37.87 tcs 37.81

    CAN Duhamel / Arnold Start 11
    Notes her in red him in white shirt with red accents & cumberbund / Concerto de aranjuez / 3tw little tight on catch / sbs 3z he fell / some chor to plaintive music / pair spin nest cam to her in catch foot & back upright / true lasso moved well across ice nopos change / thr 3t / spirals are ok / sbs 3s him both hands down turns 2t / hip lift to star / thr 3l / some chor into sybs flycam back sit out of sync for a rev or two on sit / diag steps are fast & with music / crowd is clapping along / variation into bids / Ryan looks upset with himself / pb 76.66 / tes 43.50 tcs 39.59 ded 1 tot 82.09 / gr tot 129.95 /

    USA Miller / Brubaker Start 12
    Notes both in dark navy velvet with gold brocade trim / Pearl Harbour soundtrack / 3tw bit crashy oncatch / thr 3s with lovely air pos / step over head with flip out / sbs 2a great sync / sbs 2a hop turn 2t / music changes on we have some romatic type chor / hip lift to sideways star / spirals are ok / thr 3t think her free foot brushed going through / some more chor / fsbs flycam si bit far apart but very good sync / strt step / toe overhead seemed very short / bids / pair spin nest cam to trad sit to backsit her in cam / finished ahead of their music not quite sur wht happened / pb 90.28 / tes 46.04 tcs 42.06 tot 88.10 / gr

    RUS Kokareva / Golovkin Start 13
    Notes both in navy- she looks grat with white trim, he's got a ripped white shirt with blue hztres/ lady & holligan / thr 3s / sbs 3t2t / fids with he holding on leg / some chor & acting / pair spin nested cam to her in back cam variation bit slow but nice pos/ 2t / thr 3l pitched forward with hand down / she does a beautiful spin while he skates around her acting / toe over head with great pos changes / sbs 2a she might have singled / spirals are a bit slow but good pos / hip lift to sideways star / I looked down for a second and they're both on the ice don't know what cause the fall / sbs spins get out of sync / then strt steps into step overhead / they both look really winded /

    CAN Dube / Davison Start 14
    Notes both in cream with brown accents him in brown pants / romeo & Juliet / nice opening romatic moves / 3tw a bit crashy on landing her on his shoulder / thr 3s hard 2ft / music goes very lyrical & crowd clapping sbs 2a / familiar melody , step overhead toplatter to upside down exit / sbs flycam sit upright perfect sync!! / sbs 2a turns 2t he was pitched forward but clean / toe overhead to one hand star / step seq is good / thr 3l fell / nest ina to spreadeagle as music slows & softens / great carry lift that goes 1/2 way round the rink / bids / into pair spin that has great speed / this program has so much chor in it - another great david wilson job / pb 89.20 / tes 47.15 tcs 46.52 ded 1 tot 92.67 / gr tot 146.56 /

    RUS Mukhortova / Trankov Start 15
    Notes she's in light pink with pale blue overskirt he's in light blue / The day you'll love me / sbs 3t turns 2t / 3tw is quite high pretty good catch / ssb 2a / toe overhead to star / thr 3l / inside out nest spirals good edges on both / thr 3s and her fistgoes into the air / sbs flycam sit upright / he had a bit of a trip doing notihing and kind of laughed it off / very nice lift into carry / h to h press lift to star / he's looking so happy already just with how the program has gone so far / beautiful fids / into pair spin that is very good / and as athey go into their closing pose he's pumping his fist and gives her a big hug / pb 96.93 / tes 51.44 tcs 46.89 tot 98.33 / gr tot 150.91 /

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    Thanks for the reports, Rosaleen. The speed with which you have them up is amazing!

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