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Some of the marks are not complete and I haven't bothered with the placements because the results are on the event website

LTU Frey / Stagniunas Start 1
Notes bright turqoise with fringe on skirt he with white pants & suspenders / Quickstep/slow foxtrot/charleston / some hoppy dancing to start then into midline - good sync until last twizzle at end when he fell out / spin her in cam him going from uprigh to sit with obvious change of centre / rot lift was very nice herupside down in catch foot / into the charleston for some fun and thenthe diag step which were very slow / rot lift with her in sideways split that you couldn't get a non-porn picture of / there was a fair bit of clutching & grabbin throughout the program / pb 30.74 / and we have problems - the score is not coming up / tes 17..18 tcs 18.85 tot 36.03 / gr tot 59.51 /

UKR Georgigva / Tikhonravov Start 2
Notes her in shades of white & grey him in tails / slow foxtrot / quickstep / rot lift with herupside down with one leg hooked around his neck - actually looked ok / spin was nice - both upright in foxtrot hold went with music / midline to quickstep - looked like an error by him near end right into diag step / rot lift with her in slipts that was nice looking / I enjoyed this dance they conveyed the mood of both but esp the foxtrot was very flowey / pb ? / tes 15.05 tcs 20.20 tot 35.25 / gr tot 60.15 /

BLR Galcheniuk / Krupen Start 3
Notes her in orange at top & royal blue skirt with blue 'bulleye effect on her chest / him in navy - doesn't match / fox quick / diag step she did most of the work / rot lift little problem on dismount / into spin / now quickstep - midline he had a bobble in middle and also trouble by im in the 2nd twizzles / rot lift with her in catch foot around his body little bobble on dismount / pb 34.68 / tes 14.47 tcs 16.60 tot 31.07 / gr tot 50.48 /

BUL Demireva / Georgiev Start 4
Notes her in shiny hot pink with navy underskirt him in navy / fox quick / pink panther / upright spin with legs hooked / midline is very easy her twizzles are 3turns his are better / didn't really see the lift / into quickstep and then diag steps which again are easy but done better than midline / rot lift to end is attractive / finished ahead of their music / pb 23.21 / tes 11.14 tcs 12.01 tot 23.15 / gr tot 36.31 /

HUN Lalatka / Balint Start 5
Notes her in light blue with irridescent skirt him in dark navy tux / fox quick / nice & dancey intro full pattern of ice / curvelift into rot lift that had an ugly dismount / spin is trad pair sit / midline good sync 2nd twizzles looked like 3 turns to me / diag steps we ok / rot lift with him only using one arm / pb 35.80 / tes 13.63 tcs 17.68 tot 31.31 / gr tot 53.90 /

SUI von Bergen / Raber Start 6
Notes her in shiny purple blue & green with purple skirt him in grey pinstrip vest & pants / fox char / strt linelift into rot lift with her in splits / rot lift is fast but pos isn't great / midline is in sync and moves ok - bit simple / spin is pair nest cam then changeto back / dance had some life quite enjoyable / pb 32.69 / tes 15.97 tcs 17.21 tot 33.18 / gr tot 54.56 /

AUT Kopsova / Mistelbauer Start 7
Notes navy with cream shirt her skirt has white underskirt / fox quick / under the sea / was there a lift I misseed? ceat sheet says so ? / diag steps are ok / I zoned out sorry / midline steps seem ok / pb ? / tes 11.05 tcs 15.91 tot 26.96 / gr tot 46.75 /

AUS O'Brien / Merriman Start 8
Notes her in purple with pink underskirt him in black vest & pants with purple shirt / quick fox quick / more pink panther / curve + rot lift was attractive bit awkward changing pos / spin is nested cam very slow & lines don't match / midline she fell out of twizzles near start / rot lift included what amounted to a headbanger- don't think it was intended quite that way / pb 25.43 / tes 15.19 tcs 13.75 tot 28.94 / gr tot 45.75 /

CZE Pachlova / Knoth Start 9
Notes her in dark pink him in tils / quick fox quick / cobacabana / midine think she fell out of a twizzle a bit early otherwise very nice / more - spin strt lift him in squat her in splits into rot lift / dancin foo - dia steps were simple & too slow / rot lift with her behind his back / didn't give me the sense of dance - a bunch connected elements is what I saw / pb 47.742 / tes 16.39 tcs 25.89 tot 42.28 / gr tot 71.68 /

FRA Carron / Dezutter Start 10
Notes her in white satin with fringe skirt him in back suit / char fox char / all that jazz / nice movement to sax to start / midline he fell out of 1st twizzle rest was excellent and right in time with music they're really dancing / rot lift with her in splits facing him - nice / foxey for dance spin / curve lift with her around one leg / diag steps close together and both worked at it very nice kept up speed / by far the best we've seen so far - it was a dance!!! / pb 46.19 / tes 14.84 tcs 26.73 tot 41.57 / gr tot

GER Thieleke / Rabe Start 11
Notes her in pink with fushia trim him in dark vest & pants / quick fox quick / didn't relly see midline / spin was opposing camels to him in sit her in cam / diag steps flowed well / trouble catching hands to get into lift and then trouble getting into it / the last part of the dance seemed fairly simple but had a good dancey feel to it / pb 43.92 / tes 20.74 tcs 23.59 tot 44.33 / gr tot

EST Grunberg / Rand Start 12
Notes her in pretty dark powder blue hi in tails / fox quick / midline nicely with music but think very simple only double twizzles? / thre's a nice dancey feel to their foxtrot / george of the jungle wwith lyrics / they'r'e moving fairly fast but seem to be grabbing for each other and don't know where the other is / pb 41.28 / tes 16.40 tcs 23.49 ot 39.89 / gr tot 67.69 /

HUN Nagy / Elek Start 13
Notes her in fluorscent orange him in white shirt with black pants / fox quick / stepping out with m baby / think she caught her foot on the boards just under me - couldn't see - just heard / curve then rot lift is very nice - esp considering the small size difference / midline is clean / diag to quick has a nice dancey feel / spin is facing sit to upright / she's really selling the program / rot lift at end was very fast & attractive pos / pb 43.79 / tes 14.90 tcs 22.96 tot 37.86 / gr tot 65.82 /

POL Budner / Moscicki Start 14
Notes her in sparkley back with fringe skirt & feathers around neckline him in tails / fox quick / nice smooth foxtrot - I like it spin is in char of the dance - hard to explain, just feels right / curve + rot lift its ok but not really attractive / midlineto quick very nice - good sync / diag steps are fast & in character into rot lift with around his body / pb 38.18 / tes 17.69 tcs 22.80 tot 40.49

CHN Huang / Zheng Start 15
Notes her in dark mauve with blue accent him in very long tails / quick fox quick / nice start midline is excellent moves fast & great sync / spin as the music changes / rot lift had rotation timed with music really effective / strt lift with him in back crouch very pretty / george of the jungle again dig steps were good close pos / they really moved & danced / pb 43.72 / tes 17.33 tcs 24.64 tot 41.97 / gr tot 71.55 /

CZE Hajkova / Vincour Start 16
Notes him in cream vst & pants with black shirt her in black with net had & red flower / char fox char / start was pretty good -maybe a bit simple but had flavour of char / diag steps she does most of the work / rot lift had an ugly pos with her upside down in splits / midline 1/2 half on one foot - he fell out of one of the twizzles / pb 48.68 / tes 18.68 tcs 25.84 tot 44.52 / gr

UKR Saprikina / Khimich Start 17
Notes her in burgundy velvet / char fox quck / midline seemed good & in sync / didn't ereally see spin / curve + rot lift is ok - pleasant pos / diag steps are ok bit of clutching & grabbin / they were working at getting the sense of the dance, but just didn't quite do it for me / pb 39.68 / tes 15.97 tcs 22.11 tot 38.08 / gr tot 65.84 /

ITA Pistorello / La Notte Start 18
Notes her in dark fushia with silver sequin swirl on front him in tails / quick fox quick / copacabanna / start out with an attractive fast spin / front twizzles were about 4 times around or more in great sync / rot lift is fast and her long skirt works verywell with it / more - and their fox is flowey / upside down lift is saved from being obscene by her long skirrt / / diag steps to the beat of dancing fool / pb 49.06 / tes 17.33 tcs 26.81 tot 44.14 / gr tot 74.62 /

ITA Cappellini / Zanni Start 19
Notes her in cream satin skirt with sparkley illusion top him in tails / quic fox quick / face the music & dance / out of sync on 2nd twizzles he might have stepped out very fast through the seq though / curve lift seemed to have a bit of trouble and very slowin the rot lift didn't look right / wasn't paying enough attention to spin was tring to rewatch lift in my mind / diag steps were ok - they seemed to have lost some energy since the lift and the rest of the dance seemed flat / pb 52.77 / tes 16.66 tcs 30.43 tot 47.09 / gr tot 81.67 /

CAN Karam / McGrath Start 20
Notes her in orange with yellow underskirt him in black / fox charl / nice start - cor in place / not sure if there was a slip before the lift or if she intertenionally almost did the splits on the ice / liftwas nice / diag steps moved well with decent difficulty / spin with her i camel him in sit / midline 1st half on one foot sync seemed very good / rot lift start with her with one leg around his neck and changess position / on replay bit of bobble at very end of midline - maybe ran out of room / pb 47.02 / tes 20.17 tcs 27.80 tot 47.97 / gr tot 80.23 /

RUS Platonova / Maximish Start 21
Notes both in purple with white trim / quick fox quick / the muppets / midline steps are in sync & seemed difficult / love & marriage spin stats with sit then him in sit her in camel / diag steps to dancing fool drums - both seemed to share the work / muppets again - rot lift with her changing pos / It was a good dancey dance although I didn't get the sense of a continous dance from this one / pb 53.46 / tes 20.88 tcs 30.02 tot 50.90 / gr tot

RUS Mikhailova / Sergeev Start 22
Notes her in hot pink him in grey tails / quick fox quick / whote 1st half on one foot out a tiny bit on one set of twizzles / curve lift with her in splits he fell going into the rot lift / diag steps are fairly complex but move across ice very slowly / spinhi min set her in arabesque then both upright on bent leg facing / rot lift with her in splits facing him / pb 53.73 / tes 20.72 tcs 30.70 ded 1 tot 50.42 / gr tot 84.34 /

CAN Virtue / Moir Start 23
Notes her in pink him in dark vest & pants white shirt / fox quick / call me irresponsible / very nice flowey foxtrot / diag step very difficult & flowed / curve + rot lift went on forever with change of pos / spin with both facing on bended knee then change/ pittin on the ritz / midline 1st half on one foot / twiizzles in sync / rot lift had multiple pos changes / I'll admit I'm biased but I realy liked that dance / pb 52.51 / tes 24.48 tcs 33.85 tot

USA Pratt / Gilles Start 24
Notes her in dusty blue with light blue sheer skirt him in dark with dusty blue vest front / char fox quick / she fell on set of twizzles / spin is well done / diag steps close holds and both did their shar / rot lift that went one way & then the other way with change of pos / it was an ok dance but nothing relly stood out / pb 49.27 / tes 14.77 tcs 26.57 ded 1 tot 40.34 / gr tot

USA Matthews / Zavozin Start 25
Notes her in purple & pink him in dark vest & pants / charl fox quick /set the mood right with charleston good steps / midlin in sync / spin him in sit her in arabesque then her in Y / curve lift the rot with her in split that I don't want to see / diag ftwrk close holds & complex but seemed slow / rot is fast with her in splits facing him / I really like the charleston part of the dance but wasn't alll that fussy on the rest / pb 53.92 / tes 24.02 tcs 34.87 tot 58.89 / gr tot 98.78 /

RUS Gorshkova / Tkachenko Start 26
Notes her in peach with purple accents & elbow gloves him in dark purple/black / fox charl / spin has her olding on to just one arm of him nice / rot + curve has here hanging on to just one of is arms / midlin is good with grat sync / gimmee that thing / diag steps were ok fairly difficult with ok speed / last lift had multiple pos changes and fast rotation / pb 52.70 / tes23.28 tcs 32.07 tot 55.35 / gr tot 89.93 /

ISR Zaretski / Zaretski Start 27
Notes accidently turned palm off before saving and lost their notes /