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Thread: Men - Short Program - Notes

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    Men - Short Program - Notes

    These notes are copyright Golden Skate, please do not copy & paste anywhere.

    Some of the marks are not complete and I haven't got the results below because they're on the event website

    Late-breaking news -- I was right about Uspenski being sick - he has withdrawn from the competition and therefore only the top 23 advance to the free program

    CAN Christopher Mabee Start 1
    Notes shades of dark blue & black with black leather pants / Art of War / some chor & movent and down the ice and around for 3a2t satisfied smile on his face / 3l a bit of queeker and hun on to the landing / flycam has great pos & extension bit slow on the spin / O ftwrk is fast and with music / easy 2a / sit ch sit has good spped & really low on front / strt steps are very good / into the combo spin cam sit A back sit leg in front scratch / and into his final pose / and boy is ihe happy / pb 59.46 / tes

    BUL Georgi Kenchadze Start 2
    Notes black with grey mesh overshirt / Air Convoy / 3l fell / 3t2t turnout on 2 / flycam has good speed leg needs more extension / O ftwrk moves well bit on the simple side / sit ch sit with twist on back half is very nicely done / strt ftwrk moves quite well / 2a bit tentative into it and landed on toepick butit was done / combo spin to nice soft music to en is quite good / pb 30.48 / 18.84 tcs 17.97 ded 1 tot 35.81 /

    LTU Tomas Katukevicius Start 3
    Notes hite shirt with ruffles down front black pants / chopin medley / a bt of cor and into a badly under rot 3a / ftwrk 2l / something went wrong on the fly cam waslooking down and din't really see it / 2a / (by the way this is very different than our 'cheatsheet') sit ch sit is ok / O ftwrk is very slow / trouble on entrance to combo spin lost camel and didn't get much of a spin out of the rest of it / strt steps were done / I was so surprised at him attempting the 3a and kept checking the cheat sheet that I missed seeing a good portion of his program / / pb 33.20 / tes

    SLO Luka Cadez Start 4
    Notes red shirt with gold trim & sash black pants / music is nyah /3z2t is nicely done / and a bit of chor / 3l lean almost hung on but fell out / strt steps maybe a bit simple but very interesting fast and with music / flycam is soso leg need much more extension & wasn't bent enough to be a bent leg / 2a / sit ch sit is fast & pretty much centered / O ftwrk needs some footwork butit's fast / combo spin is good ending in 1/2 sit with hands behind back to scratch with hands extended behind back - very effective / pb 42.13 / tes 22.85 tcs 21.44 tot 44.29 /

    GBR Elliot Hilton Start 5
    Notes dark red top black pants / mask of zorro / some chor- quite nice / 2a / 3z wild free leg just hung on 2t / flycam nice pos & extension speed a little slow / 2l / sit ch sit is good fast & low / music changes for diag step that move very well with it if a bit slow / a bit of acting & chor / combo spin cam sit back sit twisted / O ftwrk is fast and fairly complex / pb 46.19 / tes

    NOR Michael Chrolenko Start 6
    Notes black with yellow & orange design down one side / dragonheart / 3f2t / 3l very tight landing turnout but stayed on one foot / flycam to catchfoot nice pos spinis very slow / music changesfor diag step seemed slow to me / nice high 2a / cam sit back sit twisted inside edge there were some nice spots in the spin but he seemed to almost fall off it a couple of times / sit ch sit is very good including tuck until the end upright pos when he almost fell off it again / there really wasn't a lot of program there - not much between elements / pb 42.97 / tes 20.95 tcs

    SUI Moris Pfeifhofer Start 7
    Notes Titanic / navy blue with silver design on vest / bit of chor & skating to set up 3z2t bit wild on free leg of z / 3turns into 3l big smile and bit of quick step down onto free foot / just watching a sit ch sit - did I iss the camel tht my cheta sheet says was supposed to be there / S ftwrk went well with the softer part of theme / 2a / another spin but I'm not sure which one it was meant to be as I say a back sit & cam to inside edge but that's all / strt steps into ending were a little slow / pb 49.52 / tes 24.80 tcs 23.24 tot 48.04 /

    UKR Vitali Sazonec Start 8
    Notes shades of periwinkle blue with grey / Allegretto by Jenkins / 3z2t fellout of z / 3l landed pitched forward / flycam has gret fly nice pos & extension / O ftwrk was really nice for 1st half / 2a / sit ch sit with tuck on front and inside edge on back / strt steps are very good with nice flow / combo spin included nice layback / pb 45.43 / tes 21.86 tcs 21.14 tot 43.00 /

    GER Clemens Brummer Start 9
    Notes beige shirt with darker pants & suspenders / Olsenbande, twin peaks / 3z3t gorgeous air pos / S ftwrk is lyrical whimsical and with music / 3l fell out of it after about 2 revs/ music changes and slows and some chor / combo spin has some great unique posbit of a stuggle on some of them but nice to see / I like this kid / ina bracket into 2a / fly cam with layover with gorgeous extension / strt steps are really good with character / sit ch sit has great twisted pos & insideedge on both feet / thiI oculd watch this program all over again he has personality plus on the ice / pb 50.01 / tes 25.81 tcs 22.93 tot 48.74 /

    CZE Tomas Janecko Start 10
    Notes The matrix / black with gold design on shirt leather pants / some chor and down for the 3z bad lean fell out hand down didn't see if he did the 2nd jump / flycam nice fly spin needs more speed & extension / some more chor 3l colapsed onto landed leg and sat / O steps lacked some detail / combo spin got slow / strt steps are with the music and flow ok / 2a free foot down on the way through / sit ch sit ending quite a bit after his music / pb 49.01 / tes 17.71 tcs 21.69 ded tot 38.40 /

    SVK Taras Rajec Start 11
    Notes navy pinstripe vest & pants with white shirt / 3l fell / tango de buenos aires / 3z fell / singled axel / missed the cam spin & O ftwrk / combo spin is slow / strt ftwrk s lively and chor to music quite nice / sit ch sit is on slow side and not quite lowenough/ pb / tes 16.00 tcs 21/43 ded 2 tot 35.43 /

    FIN Valtter Virtanen Start 12
    Notes shades of green brown on shirt / return to the centre of the earth / 3f2t is nice very light on his feet / fly cam is good / 3l leaning back hand down / strt steps are quite complex and flow with music / 2a / sit ch sit to inside edge on front tuck on back /S ftwrk nice variation of level / combo spin nice pos except back cam is weak / pb 38.54 / tes 23.48 tcs 21.11 tot 44.59 /

    JPN Yasuharu Nanri Start 13
    Notes two guitars (russian folk song) black pants & bolero over red shirt / some chor to start us off / 3a3t nice / 3l / and some more chor / cam sit layback back sit to inside edge 1/2 sit nic spin into O ftwrk very well done and complex right with music / 2a bit of 1/2 smile on his face and the japanese team near me is cheering / sit ch sit is good maybe a bit slow / more complex ftwrk in the strt seq / he's captured the flavour of the music / flycam with layover /good skate and the japanese flags are flying / pb 59.55 / tes 32.11 tcs 27.49 tot 59.60 /

    USA Wesley Campbell Start 14
    Notes black with blue diag design / vocalise / some chor / reverse jumper nice big 2a / flycam with layout pos nice extension / he seems to be skating somewhat deliberately / 3f fell / S ftwrk is kind of slow especially for someone as tall as he is you'd expect him to be faster / 1l / sit ch sit is nice with inside edge / strt ftwrk is soso / cam twisted 1/2sit sit to inside edge & out / pb 45.89 / tes 16.23 tcs 24.01 ded 1 tot 39.24 /

    ESP Juan Legaz Start 15
    Notes introduced with great cheers & yelling from the skaters up to my left / Kismet by Bond / black with one diag side in white / 3z2t very smooth / lovely 3l / flycam with layover is fast & nice pos / there's lovely quality to his skating / O ftwrk is flowey & with music / combo spin almost lost it on cam to sit to A to back sit to catch knee that got painfully slow / 2a / strt ftwrk is good he isn't displaying the same intensity that he was for the 1sthalf of the program / sit ch sit is very well done / pb 40.54 / tes 26.68 tcs 23.74 tot 50.42 /

    CHN Jinlin Guan Start 16
    Notes red blousey top over black pants / music from a secret garden / some very nice chor to start / 3z3t / 2a / flycam is lovely with layover timed to music great extension / O ftwrk is pretty good / 3l / sit ch sit is fast & low with leg behind & twisted pos/ strt steps are phrased with music ery nice / cam sit q/w tuck back 1/2 sit scratch / that was lovely lyrical and with the music great transitions throughout / pb 51.06 / tes 31.12 tcs 25.92 tot 57.04 /

    POL Przemyslaw Domanski Start 17
    Notes black & white with diag keyboard on shirt & music notes on leg of pants / some neat chor to start / toccata & fugee / 3z2t / 3l / sit ch sit to inside edge on front & tuck on back / some fun playing with the music into his strt steps that are chor right with music crowd loved it / 2a bit iffy on landing but think clean / fell going into spin but think maybe far enough in front that the spin will count flycam is nice / O ftwrk is a bit so not as good at sttbtsilo / comb spin is a bit slow / slaps himself on the side of his head as he ends / pb 45.17 / tes 24.46 tcs 22.14 ded

    ITA Paolo Bacchini Start 18
    Notes siler lame jacket over black shirt & pants / shine on your crazy diamond / 2a is huge / 3l almost hands down but held off (right in front of me) very tight landing / 3z2t fell out of z and I think t as well / didn't really see the fly cam / S ftwrk is right with music and faily complex / sit ch sit is low & fast with twistedpos / O fwtwrk is fast & flows bit simple maybe / combo spin has some great pos / pb 51.51 / tes 20.25 tcs 23.03 tot

    SWE Adrian Schultheiss Start 19
    Notes toccata & fugue / black with one white sleeve / lovely 3z3t / 2a / flycam good fly spin pos is pretty good / ftwrk 3l bit low on landing / strt ftwrk is with music fistrt part great 2nd good / sit A back sit headless - very nice spin / S ftwrk again ischor with music bit slow but not bad / catilever that he had to puthis hand down on into sit ch sit with inside edge on both feet / pb 56.06 / tes 31.57 tcs 24.14 ded 1 tot 54.71 /

    USA Shaun Rogers Start 20
    Notes grey vest over blue shirt black pants symphony # 5 by shostakovich / some nice chor to start / 3a free foot down on way through 2t / 3l hang on typeonf landing / didn't really see the spin busy writing / O ftwrk is well done / this is powerful music and he lives up tit / 2a is high& wide / sit ch sit includes broken leg fast & low / S ftwrk start with big split jump / sit ch sit again? first one must have been a combo spin / pb 57.19 / tes 27.55 tcs 28.17 tot 55.72 /

    RUS Sergei Voronov Start 21
    Notes with drew stress fracture in right foot

    AUT Viktor Pfeifer Start 22
    Notes tango from cirque du soliel / purple velour with gold mesh diag top / 3l bit messy on landing pos step out / 3z3t with a fist pump and big grin/ 2a / S ftwrk didn't really notice it as I was behind with Voronov withdrawl / O ftwrk is with music - ok / sit ch sit is good to inside edge with hand to outstretched foot / Sorry I missed a couple of other elements / he sems to be very happy with that skate / pb 50.85 / tes 28.86 tcs 24.11

    RUS Sergei Dobrin Start 23
    Notes bright yellow t shirt with fluorscent green tie black pants with suspenders / black cat white at / 3a turnout stayed on one foot 3t / 3l / there was some good chor to start / strt steps are fun & with music / 2a / flycam good fly & speed could use a bit more extension / O ftwrk again is with music and quite complex / sit ch sit is fast with inside edge on front slowed down at end / cam tuck sit uprigt back cam to catch foot to open leg to scratch / pb 64.39 / tes 31.83 tcs 28.35 tot 60.18 /

    FRA Jeremie Colot Start 24
    Notes bright purple one piece with bit of red diagonal design / La derniere tentation du christ / 3a2t bit low on landing of a / somechor 3l / flycam needs more extention but good speed / 2a fell weirdly / sit ch sit with arms extended behind back / diag steps were soso / sit ch sit again ? 1st one was the combo spin / O ftwrk into final pose / replay of 3a shows hand down and 2ft / pb 53.88 / tes 24.42 tcs 24.94 ded 1 tot 48.36 /

    FRA Alban Preaubert Start 25
    Notes cream shirt under dark vest & pants with design down one leg / Jaleo Project / some movemnt with music at centre ice / 3a2t / 3l / flycam with layover pos is fast / strt steps right with music and complex / more chor into sit fly change sit ch sit / more chor & acting / 2a is very easy / O ftwrk - he's putting everything into and he coach is walking along the boards doing it with him / combo spin to end has some great pos / pb 53.82 / tes 28.87 tcs 26.25 tot 55.12 /

    JPN Nobunari Oda Start 26
    Notes white shirt black pants with suspender & fluorescent apliques / some chor to start / super mario bros /3z3t really really light & easy not even a sound when he picked / 3 turns into 3l / flycam is fast with layover & inside edge / some more chor into O ftwrk that matches music / some chor & playing with music / sit ch sit to inside edge fast & low / more chor / into 2a / some som efun for the diag ftwrk in char with music / cam sit A back sit to tuck to inside edge / the crowd loved it as did I it'ssuch a fun program and he has fun with it / pb 59.20 / tes 33.54 tcs 30.79 tot 64.33 /

    RUS Alexander Uspenski Start 27
    Notes whit shirt under black unitard with diagonal lace effect / The Poet / 3a 2ft hand down 2t / some chor 3l / music is picking up a bit and so does he into O ftwrk that is only soso / 2a seemed tentatie into it / strt steps get very slow at end / combo spin is somewaht slow ok pos / sit ch sit is pretty good / He was skating awfully slow through out so much so that I wonder if he's ok or if he's sick - I don't remember him being that slow during the qualifying / pb 65.64 / tes 22.29 tcs 27.71 tot

    CAN Patrick Chan Start 28
    Notes black with red sequin accents / La Represion, Feline - tango / flycam is very fast with great extension & layover / 3f kind of hand down far end of ice not really sure 3t stumbled out a bit / S ftwrk is in character of music & flows well / 3turns into 3l/ sit ch sit front to inside edge boy is it fast / this kid is flying 2a / strt steps are complex and flow well / cam sit back sit mushroom scratch / pb / tes 24.95 tcs 28.29 tot 53.24 /

    FRA Yannick Ponsero Start 29
    Notes black with red zipzag design down one side / safri bonga song / 3a is big 3t hopped out of it / flycam has interesting bent over pos / 3l / some chor / 2a bit wild on the free leg / sit to inside edge back sit twisted is very fast - nice spin / strt ftwrk to drumb eat is fast & with music / combo spin has a number of great pos / S ftwrk is dynamic and with music that has the crowd clapping along / he's happy clenched fists in kind of 'yes' gesture / pb 60.44 / tes 34.93 tcs 29.97 tot 64.90 /

    USA Jordan Brauninger Start 30
    Notes navy blue pants & sleeve mustard yellow tshirt effect with red dots at sides / 3a3t bit tight on landing of toe / S ftwrk is good / clocks by coldplay is the music / 3l / bit of chorsit ch sit is fast & low / 2a / flycam is fast with pretty good pos / strt steps danacing at endof boards to set it up / steps are very much with music but are somewhat slow / combo spin is fast & centered with good pos then a bit of chor into final pose / pb 56.39 / tes 29.62 tcs 29.38 tot 59.0

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    Thanks for the review. Rosaleen.

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    Uspenski was indeed sick, I've read on Russian forum that he (and apparently a good half of Russian team in Canada) had fever and many suggested that he should have withdrawn straightaway, but eventually they apparently decided to "give it a try".

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