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Thread: Dance - Free Dance - Notes

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    Dance - Free Dance - Notes

    These notes are copyright Golden Skate, please do not copy & paste anywhere.

    Some of the marks are incomplete and I haven't bothered with the results because they're posted on the event web-site

    I apologize in advance that my dance notes aren't as good as they should be or are for the other disciplines. I just find it very difficult to write decently about dance.

    LTU Frey / Stagniunas Start 1
    Notes music is Carmen / her in black with red trim him in white shirt with black pants & red stripe down leg / curve lift with him in back shoot duck her in splits facing him /nice set of twizzles rot lift with her around his body / he lost it at the end of the spin / music changes for the O ftwrk a coule of minor glitches but it was in time with music / lift with her leg around his neck / they're obviously working at maintaining any kind of speed / he fell during the diag steps/ there were some nice moments in the program and the choreography esp at the beginning captured the flavour of the dance / pb 43.76 / tes 18.47 tcs 28.93 ded 1 tot 46.40 / gr tot 105.91 /

    BLR Galcheniuk / Krupen Start 2
    Notes west side story her in red & orange him in black / some ice chor at start / rot lift with her facing ice worked with the music / diag steps were ok / they're noticably faster than the last team / 1st set of twizzles were good 2nd set in sync but pos didn't match / music changes to maria / dance spin was set to the music / music changes again to up beat america for O ftwrk -they're working at keeping up with it / that was over very fast - I quite enjoyed it / the type of moves they used changed with the piecs of music and worked / pb 41.18 / tes 17.61 tcs 25.87 tot 43.48 / gr tot 93.96 /

    HUN Lalatka / Balint Start 3
    Notes music is cats him in black with white paw prints her in leopard skin with black & grey skirt & pigtails with tufts of fur /music satrts with bit of jelical ball / don'tknow what this piece is / they're moving kind of slow / twizzles match well / It's awful but I can't remember the names of most of the pieces they used / it was kind of disjointed and I didn't really get a sense of 'cats' from their general way of moving / pb 52.19 / tes 17.19 tcs 28.47 tot 45.66 / gr tot 99.56 /

    SUI von Bergen / Raber Start 4
    Notes her in lime green him in black with lime green at neck & sleeves / latin medley / rot lift with her in splits with her back to him / into spin that is ok / music changes to samba?? for O ftwrk / now a mamba and antoher rot lift with her around his body / music changes again / she has the latin type of movement buthe seems very stiff in relationship / pb 45.06 / tes 20.36 tcs 28.84 tot 49.20 / gr tot 103.76 /

    POL Budner / Moscicki Start 5
    Notes dark green & mint green / medley by natasha & kitaro / rot lift is attractive / diag steps moved across ice / music changes & slows - twizzles match / nice chor bit to lyrics about making me fly / music picks up for another rot lift that is attractive /they're very happy esp him with the way they skated / I'm not quite sure what I think of the dance - some nice moments. . . / pb 59.09 / tes 21.29 tcs 35.91 tot 57.20 / gr tot 124.42 /

    UKR Georgigva / Tikhonravov Start 6
    Notes shades of navy & purple / harem by sarah brightman / rot lift changes pos to her in splits is fast / they're flying across the ice compared to the previous team / twizzles matched perfectly / spin is nice & maintains speed / lift start out withherin an unatrractive split pos then goes to her in hand stand & him on one foot taht part was nice / music had slowed and now picks up for diag steps / I enjoyed that dance they were with the music all the way and there was some dancing in between the elements / pb 54.82 / tes 17.93 tcs 33.94 tot 51.87 / gr tot

    HUN Nagy / Elek Start 7
    Notes disqualified for not showing - wonder what happened - they weren't on warm-up and I didn't even notice / found out later that they actually planned ot withdraw because one of them was sick but they didn’t fill out any of the paperwork that they should have and just told the other Hungarian team.

    UKR Saprikina / Khimich Start 8
    Notes her in white him in black / beethoven's last night / fast rot lift with her around his neck / music was could it be lost for the 1st part / way out of sync on 2nd twizzles / last rot lift was quite nice with the changes of pos sorry hard to describe in less than 1 page / they were moving all the time but I think I saw too much stroking and not enough dancing / pb 56.77 / tes 18.53 tcs 34.84 tot 53.37 / gr tot 119.21 /

    EST Grunberg / Rand Start 9
    Notes her in day-glo orange him in black / music is french kiss, la vie en rose / cur lift with her upside down vertically / O ftwrk is flowey & with music but seems simple / music changes to la vie en rose / some nice chor & dancing / lift withher un semi split that actually was ok looking / dance spin is upright and right withmusic as is the set of twizzles / music changes and speed up for diag steps that to me needed more steps / I liked the dancey part to la vie even though their skating was too slow but wasn't all that fussy about the rest of it / pb 63.52 / tes 21.35 tcs 37.81 tot 59.16 / gr tot 126.85 /

    CHN Huang / Zheng Start 10
    Notes parian tango, once you hold gold / she's in red satin with elbo gloves and silver sequins on bodice him in red sating shirt dark pants & suspenders / / I like it already just their attitude in their first opening moves / tango part was wonderful grat moves & attitude and now it's a waltz and their whole demenour has changed / twizzles matched perfectly / back to tango - he's the really expessive one in this couple - can'ttake my eyes off of him / their lifts were all very attractive and in character of the portion of the dance / pb 63.50 / tes 20.18 tcs 39.72 tot 59.90 / gr tot 131.45 /

    USA Pratt / Gilles Start 11
    Notes Romeo & juliet soundtrack / him in shades of dark blue her in maroon / dramatic music for openeing and their moves are very big and dramatic but not overly so to match / music slows & softens / rot lift with a different hold that looked very difficult him only using one arm / music has lightened a bit and is more lyrical and their moves match / just saw one of the most ugly upside down split lifts I have ever seen - didn't see the rest of the dance writing about it and shaking my head at it / pb 72.27 /tes 28.16 tcs 43.36 tot 71.52 / gr tot 143.92 /

    CZE Pachlova / Knoth Start 12
    Notes how to describe her dress - shiny black & green with loads of illusion - she has a rhinstone nipple on one side and a black one on the other and they stick out - sorry but it's so bad I couldn't not describe it / music is I will survive , blue / now fortheir dance -- I can't really comment on specific elements but in general if was a fun dance and the crowd is really enjoying it / pb 68.16 / tes 23.09 tcs 40.92 tot 64.01 / gr tot 135.69 /

    GER Thieleke / Rabe Start 13
    Notes Four Seasons / her with navy top & hades of light green, blue & pink layered dress him in navy with matching sash / they had a bit of trouble near the boards in the S ftwrk fitting it in I presume / The coach is sure happy He leaped with his fist in the airlike you wouldn't blieve at the end / No ral details again, I enjoyed the dance and they pretty much reflected the changes in mood of the music and it was quite dancey / pb 62.94 / tes 23.77 tcs 39.41 tot 63.18 / gr tot 134.10 /

    FRA Carron / Dezutter Start 14
    Notes shades of navy & other blues in vertical pattern - hard to describe - she has a hreded skirt / adagio remix / lots of plain stroking in the 1st 30 second / O ftwrk seems slow / some movementin place at the end of the rink then into the twizzle he had a problem right at the end of the 2nd set / spin was nice - various upright pos / diag step were slow and fairly simple / they mved fast when doing simple stroking but as soon as they were doing any real dancing they slowed rihdn / pb 64.38 / tes 19.61 tcs 40.63 tot 60.24 / gr tot 131.67 /

    RUS Mikhailova / Sergeev Start 15
    Notes four seasons, musical da vinci / her in black with silver swirls him in white top & black pants / out of sync on both sets of twizzles / O ftwrk is fast & with music / music slows rot lift with him in low pos / spin with him in sit & her upright then both on bended knee facing / curve then rot lift with her in splits facing him / back to the fast driving beat for diag steps that weren't diagonal but up centre ice / fast rot lift with her in catch foot pos - quite attractive3 / pb 79.90 / tes 28.79 tcs 48.95 tot

    CZE Hajkova / Vincour Start 16
    Notes both in pale blue him with navy pants / romeo & juliet / O ftwrk is complex & moves well / now some soft music and the spin which is very nice but loooks more like a pair spin to me than a dance / rotation lift start right on beat of music when it changes - very nice / music changes again to upbeat for diag steps / awful cut in music for final rot lift / just as she's almost in her final pose laying over his back he skate slipped out from under her and down she went on her bum -got eebarasd / pb 67.72 / tes 21.28 tcs 41.66 tot 62.4 / gr tot 136.53 /

    ITA Pistorello / La Notte Start 17
    Notes white with light blue design him in navy pants / four seasons, adagio / start out with dance spin before music starts to build then into O ftwrk for the driving beat we all kno so well / music changes to adagio with femal vocal / lift with him in camelher under him in upside down splits / there's a lot of plain stroking between the elements / out of sync on both sets of twizzles / midline steps seems a little uncoordinated and clutchy to me / pb 73.87 / tes 19.82 tcs 42.22 tot 62.04 / gr tot 136.66 /

    ITA Cappellini / Zanni Start 18
    Notes withdrew he was ill

    CAN Karam / McGrath Start 19
    Notes Once upon a time in mexico / her in gorge3ous black with rhinstones & red under skirt / him in red shirt with black net & black pants / spin is nice to slower music with her in cam then Y / music picks up and crwod is clpping along / curve lift is very nice / O ftwrk is well done with close holds / music pauses and slows for twizzles she might have had a touch down on the 2nd set / low lift with him in hydroblade move an other one withhimin swquat and her upside down / diag steps are close & in char of music / I'm biased - I'll admit it but there was constant dancing in this program - next to no straight stroking sections and the lifts were spectacular and attractive / pb 74.61 / tes 26.49 tcs 46.73 tot 73.22 / gr tot 153.45 /

    CAN Virtue / Moir Start 20
    Notes him in black high waisted pants with black semi sheer shirt her in red halter / Adios Nonino / lots of chor into O ftwrk that oes lots on one foot & deep edges / twiizzles in perfect sync then a tiny slip not doing anything into a lift / midline steps in perfect character of music / that was great - could barely count any plain stroking - attitude plus , expressed the character of the dance from start to finish / pb 82.29 / tes 31.98 tcs 56.20 tot

    RUS Platonova / Maximish Start 21
    Notes oriental dance / black with turqoise & silver reminds me of egyptian (ancient) costumes / twizzles matched / O ftwrk is timeed perfectly with the drum beats / curve + rot lift is nice / they've got great flow & speed / spin has lovely position on front the shape they make with it is great / another one of those upside down split lifts that they're going to ban next year thank god - bsaically obscene / pb 78.20 / tes 26.65 tcs 48.3 / tot 75.48 / gr tot 160.40 /

    RUS Gorshkova / Tkachenko Start 22
    Notes kill bill sound track / her in mustard yellow with coloured bands him in match shirt & grey pants / twizzles match pertty good / O ftwrk has some really nice stes / another obscene upside down splits lift / dance spin is very nice to slower section of music / music changes and some great movment / diag steps start out very close together / that was a fun dance to watchand they wer dancing / pb 80.16 / tes 25.34 tcs 51.95 tot 77.29 / gr tot 167.22 /

    ISR Zaretski / Zaretski Start 23
    Notes phontom of the opera her in mostly white with black him in black / wizzles are matched in sync / nice opening section right with music / music changes for spin / changes again with driving beat for O ftwrk which is complex but maybe doesn't move as fast as it could / diag steps were quite good / bit of trouble getting out of the final lift / I enjoyed the dance - maybe because I really like the music - it had some very nice moments / pb 77.15 / tes 26.13 tcs 50.23 tot 76.36 / gr tot

    USA Matthews / Zavozin Start 24
    Notes Lord of the dance / black with turqoise / spin is nice esp front half makes a nice shape / I'm having a hard time writing as 'm watching / O ftwrk is slow - complex but slow / music softens and ges flowey twizzles match but thin he might hae had a little bobble on 2nd set / music chages to familiar strains for diag steps - think there was a slip about 1/3 of the way in / I did enjoy the dance - better than virtue & moir - I don't think so but I'm showing my bias / pb 80.85 / tes 3.71 tcs 57.02 tot88.73 / gr tot 187.51 /

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    Thanks for the notes.

    I have a hard time believing they suddenly beat V&M in the free dance when they hadn't done it during the season. No one has.

    Ih ad ahard time believing that the judging still doesn't have some bias in the way points are awarded. It really irritates me.

    From your description it wasn't M&Z's best performance and on the whole, I don't think their FD is that great anyways. I mean it's a far cry from Riverdance that's for sure - if that is indeed what they were going for.

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    I know watching skating on TV and seeing it live in person is totally different, but from what I saw on TV this afternoon, M&Z were better than V&M. I'm not absolutely crazy about their "Lord of the Dance" FD but it was very well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayta
    Thanks for the notes.

    I have a hard time believing they suddenly beat V&M in the free dance when they hadn't done it during the season. No one has.

    Ih ad ahard time believing that the judging still doesn't have some bias in the way points are awarded. It really irritates me..
    And it really irritates me when people scream 'conspiracy' when they see a result they don't like.

    M/Z have said that they worked really hard adding extra diifficulty to their FD after the JGPF. Besides, M/Z are quotes as saying this was far and wayaw their best performances of the season. And they had no mistakes, unlike V/M - Moir had a stumble.

    And the great thing about m,usic is that there is no one definitive interpretation.

    Don't look for a conspiracy in everything. :banging: Maybe M/Z actually deserved to win.

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    I'm not saying conspiracy! :sheesh: I just still think that there are still ways in this judging system that don't take accountability for certain aspects of the dance.

    I finally saw the FD and I do have to say that it was M&Z's best performance, technically, though there was some lack of speed during their added difficulty of footwork, I have to say it didn't really carry the feel of the dance. I know someone's going to scream 'bias' on this, as I probably don't sound as supportive as I should, but it's not.

    They may have the power and elements but their interpretive skills on at least this dance leaved a lot to be desired.

    HOWEVER, I do agree that they won rightly - now that I saw the performance - just in the fact that they skated cleanly. That tends to happen.

    I can't say I can judge on the merit of the marks on any of the other dances as CBC didn't broadcast them

    It's always a matter of preference.

    So no, I'm not a M&Z hater. No, I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I'm just a viewer with an opinion.

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    Well, I don't know if one would wish to consider me a "conspiracy theorist" or not, but am I the only who's noticed that the best any Australian dance couple can ever do is 2nd to last, no matter what the competition? You can't tell me they're ALL "that bad" (out of lack of a better term at the moment); it's been going on for 20 years at least.

    Was glad to see the Zaretskis place so well given that they didn't do well in JGP Final.

    What was with Pratt & Gilles? 16th in the OD compared to 9th place compulsories and an 8th place free dance? Placement variety, which we're seeing much more of under COP (as opposed to 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3, and so on) is one thing, but that seems a bit drastic. I searched thru Rosaleen's notes thinking maybe there was some huge splat, but none was noted. ????????


    OK, re-read the notes MORE CAREFULLY this time (need an icon where you bang the side of your head like you could have had a V-8) and did note a fall. Still -- 16th? Guess that's a sign that COP is in fact working to some extent in Dance -- under the old system, given their 9th place compulsories, that would have only had them 12th in the OD at absolute worst.
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    I watched the dance event, and I agree what you see in person and what you see on television is different. For one thing speed and ice coverage doesn't translate well onto TV.

    IMO, Matthews / Zavozin (USA) skated a clean program, that coupled with her wonderful extension, and the fact that they have a "bigger more mature" presence on the ice (they are older, bigger bodied, and taller ... they look like Jrs./Srs.), squeeked them through the Freedance. When Scott tripped at the end of their twizzle section he opened the door for the Americans to skte through. And they did.

    IMHO, "if" Virtue / Moir (CAN) has skated clean, they may well have won the Freedance segment because their dance is more complicated, they do have better edges and flow, and they definately have the "it" factor. Would the FD win have been enough for Virtue / Moir to close the gap in points ... probably not.

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