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Thread: Men - Free Program - Notes

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    Men - Free Program - Notes

    These notes are copyright Golden Skate, please do not copy and paste anywhere.

    I haven't got the results below and some of the marks are incomplete but they're on the event website

    FIN Valtter Virtanen Start 1
    Notes con air, the rock soundtracks / black velvet top with bit of red sequin accents with leather effect / driving beat 3z / 3t / music softens cam ch cam pretty good speed extension could be better / bit of chor / 3f2t / music picks up O ftwrk flows well / 3l bit tight on landing / fly forward sit with tuck good fly / spread eagles / 2a / there isn't a lot of expression in his skating / 3s / 2f / 3t step out 2t / strt steps have good speed and some relationship to the music / cam sit back cam with bit of hopsit / the sit pos were very good with good spee caelseohute weak / pb 77.14 / tes 44.93 tcs 39.56 tot 84.49 / gr tot 129.08 /

    UKR Vitali Sazonec Start 2
    Notes the last opera by Saint-Preux / black with silver sparkles on upper bodice & arms / 3z2t air pos is quite loose / 3t2t / flycam very nice extension to inside edge / 3f fell / 2a very tentative into it fell / slow music and some chor at centre ice / 3l under rot stumbled out / O ftwrk is a bit simple but very flowey / 3s think under rot turns out / fly sit ch sitis very short and didn't really get to see it / 3z turns out / 2t / again the strt ftwrk doesn't have much to it but it moves well / cam sit layback back cam catch foot scratch / the front half of the spin wasa nice back halvf was very slow / pb 63.43 / tes 39.74 tcs 40.34

    NOR Michael Chrolenko Start 3
    Notes brown tunic over cream shirt with sash / pirates / bit of chor to start / huge 3f had it then fell / 3z fell / pause for some chor - quite effective / 3s / 3l sliding fall / cam sit tuck back sit sidewys - pretty good spin / music softens again and some chor with nice sprad eagles / O ftwrk is ok / hig 2t - pulled out of what was supposed to be 3 / 2a hand down / sitch sit is very good - think he's behind his music / strt steps are excellent / 2z / 2s / he looks like he's worn out and has no energy left/ spin at the end was very short and he finished way ahead of his music / pb 73.22 / tes 29.24 tcs 39.86 ded 3 tot 66.10 / gr tot

    SLO Luka Cadez Start 4
    Notes black with narrow leather black band crossing chest / black hawk down / some chor to plaintive music now the driving beat starts / 3l / 3z horrible outside lean big splat / 3t / O ftwrk moves pretty quickly / 2a / another change of music and a bit of chor / cam ch cam is centered with ok pos & speed / popped flip / 3z both hands down pitched forard / 3s same thing as previous jump / combo spin is very fast with great upright pos at end / strt steps are fairly good / 2f I think / final spin had unique upright pos but don't think I saw anything elese / pb 81.93 / tes 32.77 tcs 41.02 ded 1 tot 72.79 / gr tot 117.08 /

    ITA Paolo Bacchini Start 5
    Notes yellowy cream shirt under brown tunic with lacing up front / pirates / some nice chor at the start / 3a is high both hands down / a qiuck bit of nice chor / 2f / 2z bailed landed on both feet / 3f / flysit is quite nice gets a bit slow at end / music is more melodic and some chor / 3l2t / sit ch sit is low with nice pos / 3z / 3t / he seems to have settled in a bit now / strt steps are right withmusic / O ftwrk is fast and fairly complex he's working it / combo spin has very fast sit on front end and nice open leg pos to end / pb 88.76 / tes 42.55 tcs 44.80 tot

    POL Przemyslaw Domanski Start 6
    Notes black with gold on one side of chest & arm / Final Fantasy / some dramtic chor to start / high death drop to fast inside edge - nice spin / 3z2t / 3f hand down / bit of chor 3t came out forward / music slows and some chor / spread eagle 3s2t / 3l hand down / music goes lyrical and some chor and the rowd is with him very quiet / 3z / 3f2t / 2a / back sit to inside edge to front sit / music builds into O ftwrk goes with music but a bit slow / fly cam is nice to sit ch sit ch sit to inside edge nice spin / strt steps not quite as with the music as his qualifying - in fact he finished after the music but not a bad skate / I think he'd disappointed in himself / pb 77.77 / tes 50.34 tcs 43.20 tot 93.54 / gr tot 139.14 /

    GER Clemens Brummer Start 7
    Notes black with white vest / johnny english / bit of chor to set us up / 3z light hand down on low landing 2t / 3f came out early kind of weird on 2 feet / music changes to sfot piano / flycam with layover then bent leg is very nicely done / 3l hand down / 3f2t / fly sit to twised is fast & low / strt steps are ok but he somehow seems disjointed from the music / 2a 2t 2t think thats what it was didn't really se it / S ftwrk is right with beat of music and crowd is clapping along / 3s / combo spin is excellent / tried to do a fun squat hop - the stuf clowns do don't know what it's called and fell then a 3t at the end of the music and fell / too bad -- give him time he showed great personality in the short and I think there's really something ther/ pb 84.27tes 40.08 tcs 44.56 ded 2 82.64 / gr tot 131.38 /

    ESP Juan Legaz Start 8
    Notes purple grey semi sheer top with bit of brown red on it / jesus christ superstar / 3z fell out / 3l / 2a turnout / music changes from the name theme to everythings alright / 2f / flycam is excellent with layout pos / music is building 2f 3t 2t seq I think/ herods song (got it right this time) you're the great jesus christ / for O ftwrk that's in character and very good / 3s / sit ch sit with tuck is very good / music softens and in to I don't know how to love him for strt steps that go with the music but don't have much to them / 3s2t / combo spin cam sit tuck back sit twisted open leg scratch / pb / 41.12 tcs 47.34 tot 88.46 / gr

    FRA Jeremie Colot Start 9
    Notes cream shirt with brown tunic & cream sash high black boots / pirates / some chor to slow music to get us start / 3t as music starts to build / 3a think 2ft but probably rot 2t / 3l / flycam with toe pointed down - needs more extention / bit of chor verydancey / 3z 2ft / sit to tuck / music slows and some more chor - actually there is a fair bit of transistions and chorin this program / 3s landed on both feet / O ftwrk didn't really notice anything particular / 3f / music starts to build again 3z2t / 3s / strt steps / for some reason this program is seeming very long / I think the jump landed on both feet might have been an 2a (at least according to the cheat sheet) he ended the program with a combo spin / pb 107.48 / tes 55.82 tcs 48.64 tot 104.46/ gr tot 152.82 /

    SUI Moris Pfeifhofer Start 10
    Notes black with green diagonal sequin design / xotica / 2a / 3z2t2l / music is building & exciting but he isn't relating to it at all / loop didn't get off ice / flycam is excellent great extension / music is in to the medolic section and he's relating to it a bit / 3s2t / flycam spin is good to start but gets very slow and not withmusic / music breaks & changes and we have some nice chor / 3t didn't get off ice / 3s / music is speeding up diag ftwrk is soso / 2a / great leg on kneed upright spin - pos is great and speed is good / O ftwrk islyrical and with music / 2t2t into closing pos / pb 83.17 / tes 36.82 tcs 46.02 tot 82.84 / gr tot

    GBR Elliot Hilton Start 11
    Notes black with red sign on fron ged gloves / xotica / sound of rain and some chor / beat picks up 3t / 3z turnsout / cam sit upright back sit / music is building and strt steps work well with it and are fast / 2l / 3f / some chor into sit spin with variation in pos - not many revs / 3z2t bit wild on free leg of z / some chor with chan ge o music 3s / 2a hung on to landing / 3s turns 2 loop that he stumbled out of / combo spin / this also felt like a very long program / pb 79.52 / tes 45.70 tcs 46.10 tot 91.80 / gr tot 136.83 /

    AUT Viktor Pfeifer Start 12
    Notes black velvet with bright red diagonal (sash effect) across chest & bits on arms / art on ice / 2a right out of opening pose / he looks confident coming around into 3z3t turnout on toe / 3f bit low 2t bit shakey but big smile on his face / 3s3t shakey landing but nanother smile - both jumps were done in the same spot right in front of me / music slow & softens cam ch cam with nice pos variations / 3f fell / 3l / he's very talll & thin / strt steps are with music maybe a bit slow / 2a / turns 2a / combo spin start with cam then to outside edge with bent leg and nice sit pos / O ftwrk as music really picks up / flycam with lovely pos to bent leg pos / that went by really fast / pb 97.21 / tes 52.96 tcs 47.64 ded 2 tot 99.60 / gr 152.57 /

    FRA Alban Preaubert Start 13
    Notes black with diag 1/2 of shirt red with gold trim / adios nonino / some neat chor to start / 3a / bad pick on what was supposed to be a 4t / 3s right into fly sit that is excellent / strt steps are unquie and right with music / 3f3t just barely ung on tothe toe / music turns more melodic & smooth and we have some acting / 3a fell / sit ch sit ch sit / some more acting into O ftwrk that is phrased right with music if a little slow / 3l step out / 3f bit tight on landing right into 2a 2t / that last flip might have been a lutz / combo spin to end he's a quirky kind of skater and when he skates well it's fantastic but everything has to come together for it to work / pb 100.02 / tes 48.97 tcs 49.94 ded 1 tot 97.91 / gr tot 153.03 /

    CAN Christopher Mabee Start 14
    Notes great cheers from the crowd as he is introduced and more encouragement from the other canadian skaters / finlandiea waring brown & red / some acting & chor the slow opening strains and around for the 3l splatted / 3a2t and a satisfieed smile / music builds again 3z2t / death drop is pretty good spin is fast / 2f / music changes and softens and some emoting & chor / 3a hard fall / spiral into back hydro blads and some morechor with another spiral / 3z hand down / sit ch sit nice low pos on front / O ftwrk seems a bit simle but flows well with music / 2a free foot down a bit quick / strt ftwrk is fast / 3s / combo spin cam sit A back sit / not quite the skate he wanted but not a disaster either / pb 102.62 / tes 48.74 tcs 51.50 de 2 tot 98.24 / gr tot 153.02 /

    SWE Adrian Schultheiss Start 15
    Notes black velvet with red trim / dragon bruce lee story / 3z3t I think or what it a 2t on the end / 3a fell took a lon time to get up / 3f3t fell on toe / music softens for combo spin with has it mosments but also is weak in spots / 3s / 3l step out / O ftwrk has lots of one foot work but is very slow / 2t2t?? not really sure / sit ch sit spin that didn't last very long / 2z / 2a hand down / music builds for strt steps that has a long set of posing at centre ice / flying sit to end / pb 92.34 / tes 46.89 tcs

    CAN Patrick Chan Start 16
    Notes huge cheers and shouts as he is introduced / backdraft soundtrack / dark royal blue velvet / boy is he motoring / 3l / huge death drop into superfast sit spin / 3z2t wasn't sure it was going to happen not very high but good for him / O ftwrk was flowey and fast / music has changed and slowed 3t3t I'm sure he held the edge on the 2nd one long enough before he fell out of it onto his hand / 2a 2t2l / I just missed a spin / 3z low on landing with turnout / strt steps and he's slowing down / 3 turns into 3l / 3f fell out with both hands down / 2a / cam sit back sit croch scratch very nice spin / not quite the skate he wanted either but for his 1st international not a bad job at all / pb 110.22 / tes 54.27 tcs 54.50 ded 1 tot 107.77 / gr tot 161.01 /

    USA Shaun Rogers Start 17
    Notes dark navy with green sparkles . matrix reloaded / 4t3t very nicely done / 3a2t / bit of chor / 2z fell out think it was a bit of a bad pick / flysit is fast & low / 3a sat then on hands / O ftwrk is with music but a little lacking / 2l / combo spin is excellent until near end when he lost it on the open leg pos / wallley wally other way 3s 2t hand down fell out of toe / 3f fell out hand down / strt steps / 3t / butterfly upright spin / pb 103.07 / tes 53.21 tcs 53.80 ded 2 tot 105.01 / gr tot 160.73 /

    JPN Yasuharu Nanri Start 18
    Notes Henvry V / dark brown velour with design on chest / some movement & chor to slower music now music starts to build and around for the 3a 3t / 3f hand down / bit of chor into 3z / flyover sit with multiple flys arms extended behind back / O ftwrk is fast & fairly complex / 3s hung on to landing / music changes & is very melodic and some chor with spread eagles / 2l 2a / cam sit layback back sit 1/2 sit / drums now strt steps are great with beat & complex / 3t2t2l / 2a came out forward / flycam to inside edge to bent leg /pb 116.42 / tes 50.56 tcs 52.78 ded tot 103.34 / gr tot 162.94 /

    USA Jordan Brauninger Start 19
    Notes rown pants with cream shirt & dark red vest effect / pirates / some chor and around for 3a3t / 3z3t / 1t think he realized going into it that he had already done 2 3toes and although this was planned as a 3t he couldn't do one / missed something - O ftwrk / 3a / 3f / spin that seemsed to bemissing something / some chor at centre ice / 3l / strt steps to really loud music - fit with it / flycam has weak free leg / 3s / nice split jump / 2a / combo spin to end is very good nice pos & speed / pb 98.12 110.58 from Q / tes 61.02 tcs 58.30 tot 119.32 / gr tot 178.32 /

    FRA Yannick Ponsero Start 20
    Notes black with white design around chest / matrix reloaded / some chor to start us off / 3a very nice / 4t bad lean fell / flycam with wonderful extention & speed / 3s / music softens & some chor / 3f 1/2l 3s / S ftwrk is very nice with soft 'aaaahh' in music / 3a2t / cam ch cam ch cam is quite nice / 3z bit orard on landing / think I just saw a 2l and not the 3 that was planned / O ftwrk is complex and with music / 2a2t turns out of toe think he was going to do a loop / combo spin is pretty good if a bit slow / pb 105.60 / tes 62.41 tcs 59.14 ded 1 tot 120.55 /

    RUS Sergei Dobrin Start 21
    Notes white on tope black on bottom / faust / 3a3t bit shakey on both but clean / 3a and he is happy / 3z2t / flycam to donut / 3f / music changes & is melodic / 3l low on landing but didn't put hand down / sit ch sit with inside edge very nice / 3z hand down/ strt steps as music builds 1st half was very good 2nd is too slow / some chor / 3s / 2a out of circle both hands down on 2 feet / O ftwrk is complex and with music / cam sit tuck upright back cam donut open leg scratch / pb 104.81 in Q / tes 60.98 tcs 57.86 tot 118.84 / gr tot 179.02 /

    JPN Nobunari Oda Start 22
    Notes Zatoichi - music / black with sparkley bands around chest / some martial arts type moves at centre ice / 3a his first ever in compeition he only landed his 1st in practise here earlier this week / 3z3t2l bit unsteady on the loop landing / fly cam / 3f / music changes and some chor and emoting / 2a3t / he's got gorgeous air pos and landing pos for that matter / 3s / 3l / strt steps were great / I think there's a spin or two in there I didn't note / 2a / 3z bit of a step out / O ftwrk in char of music & he's using his whole body / cam sit tuck back sit combo spin is great he's barely out of his spin when his fist goes into the air in joy / pb 108.61 121.3 from Q / tes 69.89 tcs 62.20 tot 132.09 / gr tot 196.42 /

    CHN Jinlin Guan Start 23
    Notes bronze shirt with black sleeves & black pants / music is hk polic by plan b / 2a / 3z2t / 3f3t just hung on to toe /flysit is very nice & fast with good pos music changes to very soft and some chor / 3l / 3z / O ftwrk at far end of ice - changing batteries and didn't really see it / 3t / strt steps are with music / 3s / sit spin with leg behind / 3f / cam with gorgeous extention to sit to back cam to 1/2 sit to scratch excellent spin / pb 95.91 / tes 57.47 tcs 51.94 ded tot 109.41 / gr tot 166.45 /

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    Fine skate for Jordan Brauninger!

    But one thing puzzles me. Why would he "suddenly realize" that a 3A/3T and a 3Z/3T added up to two 3T's already, so he couldn't do another one? Don't skaters plan out their jumps in advance?


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    Excellent job, Rosaleen. Love your reports

    I guess everyone in the Junior mens circuit must really love "Pirates of the Caribbean"; I counted about 4 or 5 men who skated to the soundtrack, some even right after each other! I would have slowly gone crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt
    Excellent job, Rosaleen. Love your reports

    I guess everyone in the Junior mens circuit must really love "Pirates of the Caribbean"; I counted about 4 or 5 men who skated to the soundtrack, some even right after each other! I would have slowly gone crazy
    Sounds like the year almost every lady used Don Quijote

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    Quote Originally Posted by thisthingcalledlove
    Sounds like the year almost every lady used Don Quijote
    That would have been the same season (00-01) that half the men used Gladiator, as well as one dance couple and one or two pairs. Also popular that year was Xotica by Rene Dupere, which popped up pretty much everywhere about every 4th program or so.

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    Whatever happened to JALOUSY?


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