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Thread: MK on Today Show March 14

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    MK on Today Show March 14

    TUESDAY, MAR. 15
    7:00 a.m. ET Kelly Clarkson performs her new single "Behind these Hazel Eyes" live in the studio. Michelle Kwan talks with Katie Couric. Another live studio performance by Kelly Clarkson. Allison DuBois, the real life "Medium" discusses her new book, "Don't Kiss Them Goodbye." David Carmichael talks about pastries on "Today's Kitchen."
    If Michelle is talking with Katie on the 15... will she still be in NYC or will she be doing it via satellite?????

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    Michelle has already left for Moscow and is presumably there right now. Either the interview was taped before she left, or they are going to interview her live from Moscow via satellite. Moscow is 8 hours ahead of EST, so when the Today show airs on Tuesday morning, it will be 3-4 in the afternoon in Moscow. The ladies QRs start at 6 pm Moscow time on Wednesday, the 16th.

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    I'm confused, too. Is she on Monday or Tuesday? The Today show listings are messed up. They have guests for Tuesday thru Saturday instead of M-F. Heather (on her "printable schedule" only) and my local station say that Michelle will be on the show on Monday.

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    Michelle was on the Today Show with Katie, it was taped before she left to go to Worlds. She said that she loved Sushi. A chef taught Michelle and Katie how to make Sushi Rolls. They talked about Worlds and after, she said that skating is her passion but she also loves acting. She never really said if she had planned to go to the Olympics but I got the impression that she is really thinking about acting. She talked about how she enjoyed being on the Simpsons and The Ice Princess. She said that she listens to Usher and loves hip-hop, she has no boyfriend. She looked really nice but her face seemed to be more rounded and full. I thought that she gave a very nice interview.

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    I never got the impression that she wants to act as in full-time actress. I just thought she was having fun with the guest spots. She seemed more excited about 3 lines on The Simpsons than actually acting itself. If I had her fame, I'd go for the guest spots offered to me.

    I still think that ABC/ESPN is setting her up as Peggy's replacement. That seems like the more realistic future in TV for Michelle.

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    I saw the whole interview and, like mpal2, never heard her say anything that lead me to think she was interested in acting. I only inferred that she enjoyed being asked to do cameos.

    I thought she was her usual confident, quick-witted, composed, self.

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    Drat. I thought it was on tomorrow and I missed it today! Oh well. I was even home all day. Thanx for the recaps everyone.

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