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    My aunt and I went to the movies last night. We had three we wanted to see, but only time to see one. And since I'm in a current Star Wars kick I HAD to see ROBOTS because the first official trailor is the first trailor shown for Robots.

    It is a cute movie. You can tell that Star Wars in created by the same companies, though. There were several references to the movie. My aunt and I basically said it was a clever way of hyping the movie that we have to wait 2 months and one week to see. But that's not all it was.

    We went to the last matinee of the night, and so it was packed with little kids. They all loved the movie, but there were a lot of parts where the kids didn't and the "grown ups" did.

    The vocal talent in this movie is pretty much a b-line up save for Robin Williams (who is AWESOME in this movie, but that was a given) and maybe Ewan McGregor (I dunno, is he a big enough name now? possibly? hopefully!) but the rest of the voices were from mainly TV personas (don't be fooled by the opening credits. James Earl Jones has one freaking line in the movie and it's "The force is strong with this one" so it's most likely just the original recording from A New Hope ) Jay Leno also has a bit part. It frustrated me through the entire movie as I was trying to hear who was playing what character. Al Roker is the fire hydrant and Jay Leno is the mailbox... I didn't notice until the ending credits, but I don't consider it a spoiler as we know who the main characters are played by and we should know who the small bits are...

    it is a great movie, if you want to sit, relax, and enjoy a clean family friendly movie go see "Robots"

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    Hubby and I saw this movie last night, and we loved it, loved it, loved spans both generations. The kids will love the action and "prat falls", and the adults will split their sides from the dialogue...........Robin Williams is a master of voices, and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that he ad-libed his way all through the movie.........a must see if you just want to sit back and enjoy....nothing to analyze just pure fun......... 42

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