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Thread: Quotes from BOI

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    Quotes from BOI

    I just got my BOI magazine and had to laugh at Johnny's quote regarding the short program at Nationals.

    I thought it was funny that last year my short program was pretty much the same and I got 4s in my score, but this year I got 5s.

    Yes Johnny, the judging can be funny.

    He had some other quotes on getting 6.0's in the LP, but those have already been used in online articles.

    The magazine also had something to say about Matt Savoie's SP marks.

    Matt Savoie followed with one of the most beautiful SPs of the evening to Adagio for Strings. His triple Axel was one of the best and so was the triple flip-triple toe combination. The other elements were woven faultlessly withing the program, but his marks were disappointing for such a wonderful performance. No 6s here and marks as low as 5.1 for technical merit and 5.4 for presentation were ridiculously low. He was ranked fourth.
    ITA on all counts. All in all, it was a good recap of Nationals.

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    I haven't seen the article yet, but it is certainly true that skaters like Johnny have to work their way up before they attract the attention and respect of the judges. Meanwhile, skaters like Savoie can get shuttled off to the side with a reputation of "close but no cigar."

    Maybe the new judging system will help. But I doubt it. That's pretty much the way it is in any field of endeavor.


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