It's probably dangerous to start discussing this, since as far as I've seen on the net today the ONLY people who have seen any skates are the people there in Moscow, and some lucky folks in Albania where they had some TV coverage. Maybe we'll have to get a group together and rent a big house in Albania during the Olympics LOL!! Probably way less expensive than tickets to Turin.

Anyway, please correct me if I made mistakes as I was tracking this manually in a spreadsheet. (gotta do something between refreshes!)

There was speculation about whether using the groupings of 3 for each group to determine skate orders for SP v. just using the scores. Also of course, the wondering about whether judging would be somewhat consistent between the groups since 25% of the score going forward matters. I certainly can't comment on part 2 of this issue, but here is the outcome for part one.

For warmup groups 5 (the top 3 from A/B), 4, and 3 the groups would have been exactly the same had top scores been used to determine the groups v. the top 3, second 3, etc. from each group. In groups 2, 5 of the 6 skaters would have been the same if scores were used, and of course the same outcome for group 1.

In terms of the top 15 from each group, there is only one change that would take place had scores rather than placements been used. If scores were used, Verner would be in, and Toth would be out.

So to my way of thinking, it appears on the surface that the scoring was fairly consistent between the two groups. Please tell me if my logic is really flawed here - I'm not usually trying to engage my brain much between 1AM and at least 7AM!!!!!