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Thread: Double GOLDS for Braulio and Rosaleen

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    Double GOLDS for Braulio and Rosaleen

    Rosaleen, you already know how much we all appreciate your time and effort for the live reports!!

    Braulio, the dual Gold goes to you. You have CHANGED MY LIFE!!! It is so awesome to be watching this pairs event on Already it's the best $9 I've spent in a long time!! I have never been to a live international skating event. I've never seen EVERYONE that competes. I am getting enjoyment out of every skater - even the ones at the bottom of the pack so far.

    For anyone who might be considering signing up, but haven't yet....

    You have to have Real Player. It has to be configured a specific way. The instructions on the site are awesome. Even if you already have Real Player, go to the FAQ that walks you through how to install it. Use "Tools / Preferences" to set everything up just the way it says.

    You can sign up for a test for free. I did that yesterday, and after a bit of fiddling got that working. I was skeptical how it would work on Comcast today (businesses on-line that aren't on-line Sundays - concern about bandwidth). I am getting REAL video. Not a series of still photos that come and go.

    Once I signed up for the subscription, the activation was almost immediate. I was concerned it would take a few days, hence missing 1/2 the action. It wasn't that way for me.

    So if you've been on the fence, just thought I'd share my experience during this commercial break.

    A bit OT, but even though the commentary is in Russian, it's NICE that there are NO commercial breaks so far within a warmup group. You see the performance, then some replays, then the scores, then the next pair. They save the commercials for the warm ups between breaks and Zamboni breaks.

    My rating???

    Happy Hunting and another THANKS to Braulio!


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    Thumbs up

    I would like to thank Doggygirl for the heads up. I also joined but after the pairs I struggled with the Chinese channel all afternoon and finally gave it up and joined the Russians. Their streaming is wonderful.

    I would also like to Thank Roseleen for the wonderful reports and I would like to also send out a thank you to Braulio for heading us in the direction of the Russian TV online. This is the most wonderful thing.

    Now I am wondering about next year during the Olympics. I am now working on only 4 hours of sleep after spending last night with the men.

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    It is impossible to thank you enough Rosaleen. I really appreciate your dedication. to these thorough reports.

    Actually does anyone have a live schedule of worlds? I particularly want to know the times of the ladies events.

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