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    Ken Rose

    Talk about a "heart throb" (I sound like a sixteen yr. old!). Check out the picture of Ken Rose on the Canadian figure skating championships photos. He is a jr. skater. I did not see him compete, but would sure love to. Wow!!


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    Re: Kevin Rose


    You will be able to see Ken, and the rest of the Juniors, in February, 22 or 23 on CTV. That is when they are airing Junior competitions from Canadians.

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    Re: Kevin Rose


    Thanks for the info! I do like to see the jr. skaters. It's nice to see the new talent "waiting in the wings." I will have to note that on my calendar.


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    Re: Ken Rose

    <span style="color:blue;font-family:century gothic;font-size:medium;">Now that I have his name right, I saw Ken skate on Sun. in the Gala for the Canadians. Quite impressive! He is a good jumper and jumps like Elivs. Wonderful. We need someone like that.


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