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Thread: Marcoux and Buntin Deserve a Medal...

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    Marcoux and Buntin Deserve a Medal...

    Perhaps not the Gold, Silver or Bronze, but certainly Vallery and Craig deserve a medal for bravery for continuing on despite his injury in the Pairs event. They barely got any practice before heading to the Worlds. I thought despite their problem with the lift they at least had one of the better choreographed programs out there. The Chinese team who came third had the worst. The Russians skated well, but I have seen better choreography from the Russian camp before.

    Thanks Vallery and Craig for your perseverance and bravo for a job well done.

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    I couldn't agree more! I felt so proud of them watching both of their programs... If anyone on this board would like to write little message I have a whole bunch I'm putting together that I'll send to them next week... msg's can be sent to

    Rock on Val and Craig!

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