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Thread: Here's Another View At Moscow

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    Here's Another View At Moscow

    Today the Ladies finish. Irina should be the winner because it is destiny. The crowds demand it.

    The Pairs. T&M were just fine and deserved their win. Other places are debateable. Many here thought the Germans should have won.

    The Men. I told you so many time: LAMBIEL!!! and he did without politics with 2 quads, never endin spins including his headless, and all that musicality.

    Buttle deserved his 2nd place. Johnny had some catching up to do but Evan eked it out.

    The Dance. Everyone agrees the French should have won if not the Bulgarians. All sorts of conspiracies going around the arena. I'd like to leave it to an expert on Dance to clarify. The Americans were fine but, the Bulgarians and the French were heads above them.

    Pray for you Ladies favorites. It's going to be a bumpy Final.

    See you in New York one of these days.


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    Agreed here on everything said Especially ladies and dance.

    Both D&S were better than gold and silver medallist in ice dance...

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    Thanks Joe and Marie...

    I bet you'll both have lots to tell when you get home. Can't wait to hear more of the "buzz" and first hand observations.


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    Looking foward to read all of it.

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