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Thread: Worlds: Best & Worst

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    Worlds: Best & Worst

    For me, the absolute highlight was seeing Irina skate so beautifully and take the gold in her home country, and seeing how overcome she was with all her emotions. What a deserving and inspiring champion.

    I was glad to see Carolina keep it together finally and win the bronze medal.

    Tot/Mar winning gold after the horrible fall. No further explanation necessary.

    The mens podium was a pleasant surprise.

    The saddest part for me was those that had to withdraw due to injury: Plush & S/Z topping that list.

    Also sad for me is the fact that I STILL don't understand what is the big deal about Navka and Kostamarov. Talented: definitely. Championship quality: I must be missing something. In the past, I have always been able to understand what makes an ice dancing championship team on a gut level (because I don't understand enough about the sport technically to get it on any other level). With this team, I'm just left cold. Tatiana reminds me of a tree that bends occasionally in the wind. But that's just me, I suppose.

    Great competition with many amazing performances. Looking forward to the exhibition.
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    For me, the absolute highlight was seeing Irina skate so beautifully and take the gold in her home country, and seeing how overcome she was with all her emotions. What a deserving and inspiring champion.
    I agree
    I adore Carolina's skating and thought her sp was fantastic. She has the fastest rotations around.

    Navka/Kostamarov enjoyed their programs better last year, this year :indiff:

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    I loved Irina's skate. I am wondering though. Don't they have the kind of health care in Russia that pays your bills? If so, why does she have to pay her mother's bills? I don't know much about their country to know what they do.
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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    For me the highlight was Irina's LP skate. I was teary eyed when she cried at the end.

    T&M's win after the disaster in SA was another positive.

    I was happy to see Petrova-Tikhonov win the silver. I respect their attitude- they work hard to add difficulty and improve.

    However, there were some BIG low points.

    1.Plushenko's injury withdrawal- it made mens competition uninteresting to me.
    2.Injury withdrawals of S&Z diluted the pairs competition.
    3.Honda's injury
    4.Michelle missed the podium- it was heart breaking.
    5.Shizuka placing 9th was just as heart breaking.
    6.Johnny Weir being left off the podium

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    that used to be the case in the communist USSR. Also even then you had to have the money to get the best possible healthcare. I think that certain things are still free, but something as serious as a kidney transplant would not be covered. Isn't it also the case in US? Would the health insurance pay for transplants? Or would they pay only for a portion? Just curious...

    Meds is another thing to consider. The co-pay is normally minimal for cheap drugs but after a transplant, anti-rejection drugs would need to be taken for the rest of your life. I don't think these are cheap.


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    Best and Worst

    RealtorGal - thanks for starting this topic.

    I share your feeling about Tot and Mar: both their Ave Maria and LP were in a word..... moving. The combination of emotions on the faces after the LP were so telling; a heady mixture of courage, fear, relief and pride...... wow. Humans can be pretty wonderful.

    Also BEST: the gift as one poster said of Lambiel's short program. What movement - I think even his bouffant helped him skate that choreorgraphy! Aside from his LP costume (sorry, he looked like an umpire from a gay T-ball league) I found his programs the most consistently inspiring.

    Second Best: US Ice Dance Silver!! Whoppee! Now if the states can dig up 3 eligible pairs.......

    WORST: has to be S and Z! I worry about them for some reason. I really really want them to do well in the Oly year.

    Bring on the Olys! Tenorguy

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    T/M: It has been beautiful to watch them turn into a top contender.
    Irina: Wow what a spirit, yes I was crying for her
    Belbin and Agosto: Finally USA Ice Dance has established a top team
    The Mens Compeition: Unpedictable results
    seeing Michelle redeem herself and stay composed
    Sasha's consistency

    The judging: I still don't get it
    Seeing Michelle struggle
    Shen and Zhao withdrawing
    Plushenko withdrawing
    Sasha's little bobbles
    Honda's pain
    The US pairs need I say more

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    Great topic!

    Have a number of Best and Worsts, so will just make a Best and Worst category--then analyze the five component scores, multiply by .6, add or subtract the GOE...okay, not funny.

    BEST CATEGORY (no order)
    --Irina's LP and gold medal win. I was teary-eyed through the last third of her program and when she started crying at the end, I was blubbering. I had so many memories of Irina, starting back in 1996, as she skated to this win. Also, the vasculitis, had it not been properly diagnosed and treated in time, could have killed her. I mean, the world without Irina Slutskaya?! And I'll say one mean thing and then shut-up about it. Before the ladies final, there was a lot of talk--I know some of it was joking--about how the judges were going to "hand the gold to Irina" for various reasons. Given everything Irina has been going through the past few years and is still going through, I thought it was uncalled for, especially when it was said before people had even seen the competition.
    --Stephane Lambiel's skating and win. I've loved the way this guy could move since I first saw him about three years ago, and of course his spinning is gorgeous. But it's his slinky spine, feline movements that grabbed me and the way his choreographers made the best use of his unique talent. We haven't seen a lot of him because of injuries, so I didn't know how he'd progressed. So to see him come out and land those beautiful quad combos and then do all the other things even better than he'd done before was just thrilling. So he looked like a hockey goalie without the mask in his LP costume. I didn't care.
    --Jeff Buttle skating to Phillip Glass's "Noyanitsquatsi." Here's my headline for Buttle: "Skater Breaks Glass Barrier!" I've always thought there was a lot of Glass's music out there that would be great for skating, but it took Jeff Buttle and his choreographers to finally do it. Plus Jeff got the silver without a quad. This is what I love about the COP.
    --Sasha Cohen finally skating three strong programs entirely on her feet--almost. One fall in the Q-round. [Thanks for the reminder, Lavender altho I did remember some hours later and thought, "Oops, I'm gonna get it for that mistake, lol."] She also skated her first seven triple program in competition. She had her problem moments, but she was NOT going down. This year she really earned the silver, IMO, instead of just being in the right position to get it. Now if somebody can just get ballet and folk music away from her...
    --Totmianina and Marinin's win. At the SLC Olympics, I didn't like this team at all. I remember thinking, "All that technical ability but yuck!" Of course they were skating the "Cotton Club" program that fit them like a plaster cast. They just couldn't move that way. But their short programs since have been so ethereal and Schpilband now seems to know what works best for them in the LP. Another couple of gutsy Russian skaters.
    --Petrova and Tikhonov hanging in there through all those lacklustre years just so they could skate at Worlds in Moscow. They looked like a whole new team--faster, sleeker, more aggressive. Good for them.
    --Belbin and Agosto. Everything about them. Their skating, their attitude, their partnership, their silver medal. I love 'em. I know rules are rules and they're not complaining, so I will. Gee whiz, strings have been pulled for a lot less than the first US ice dance team in however many years to have a shot at an Olympic medal. I know they're young and say they'll wait till 2010, but besides that being the year we get two suns (yuk-yuk), anything can happen. C'mon IOC! Let 'em skate!
    --That the US had a skater or team on three out of the four podiums. Whoop-whoop-whoop!

    --The gabfest with Kimmie Meissner during Miki Ando's SP. I already complained about that.
    --Brian Joubert's LP. Brian--get rid of Yags as a coach or consultant, whatever. His influence is moving you backwards. Also, I don't think we're seeing Joubert skating. I think we're seeing Joubert's poor imitation of Yags on the ice. Yags was Yags. You're you. Joubert strikes me as the Sasha Cohen of France. He became hot young and then spent the next few years in the doldrums. Get your head right. You're a gorgeous hunk and I'd love to see you skate to your potential in your own style, not anyone else's.
    --The withdrawals: Plush and Shen & Zhao. Plush for having to withdraw with Worlds in Moscow. S/Z just because it took them so long to reach that level of emotional connection they have and I treasure every time I get to see them skate.
    --Johnny Weir's injury, "illness"--don't know, he just referred several times to "not feeling well," and finishing just off the podium.
    --ESPN's coverage. Thursday night after the Worlds coverage, ESPN showed a repeat of "Brian Boitano's Holiday Spectacular." Now, dammit, you're in the middle of Worlds before an Olympic year. There are at least 3 to 4 skaters or teams in each discipline who you should have showed at least one of their competitive programs. Why, in addition to endless shots of Red Square and the useless "Ice Moves" and fluff pieces ("Hi, I'm Sasha Cohen and I love make-up and fashion." Well, duh.) do you need to program two hours of a mediocre pro skating show? Just save yourself the bucks and pipe in CBC's coverage.
    --What happened to Goebel?


    ***BTW, props to Joe for predicting at least two years ago that Stephane Lambiel would be World Champ. At the time, I loved how he moved, but he was young, only 16 or 17 and I didn't know if he would get his jumps consistent, much less the quad. But you called it, Joe. Way to go!
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    Great Topic!!


    Irina's LP and earned victory. I too was getting frustrated with all the "she will get handed the medal" stuff before the LP. What a perfect moment for her to have the skate of her life!!

    Sasha's performances throughout. I so hope this is a sign that whatever boogie monsters have been living in her head interfering with her ability to be consistent were left and fogotten on the east coast.

    Seeing so many performances over the web that we will never see on US TV.

    Rosaleen's pbp reports!!!

    T&M's SP had me in tears.

    So many wonderful, innovative programs from the men like Lambiel, Buttle, Weir.

    I also agree with many of the "bests" already mentioned by others.


    ITA about the withdrawls.

    All the question marks about PCS scores.

    MK's Qualifying round LP.

    Poor Jenny Kirk. Wonder what the future holds for her.

    Poor Tim. I hope he's back with force next year.

    Shiz's struggles. I love her skating so much, and wish she could have skated up to her potential.

    Pang looks more skeletal than ever and I really worry about her. My husband who wasn't even paying much attention to the skating even noticed and commented that she doesn't look well.

    Weir's injury.

    The ENDLESS BABBLE once again by the ESPN TV commentators. It's funny. I watched lots of stuff live on the Russian TV link. I would also turn on Eurosport audio. I couldn't figure out how to mute the sound so I could only hear the Eurosport stuff in English. So I had Russian and English commentary going on at the same time. Both of these sources say very little during the actual skates. Comments are mainly about an element, or something that just happened (mistake, or superbly done thing). And having TWO LANGUAGES going on at once was far less distracting then watching the same performances later on ESPN with all their babble. ITA with the poster who mentioned the Kimmie "interview" during Miki's skate. I thought that was completely disrespectful to Miki. OK, rant over.

    Well, that's it for now!

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    + Irina's LP, showing a great skating and doing everything she could to show that she earned her second world title
    +Sasha Cohen, for fighting for every element to make sure she wasn't going to do a Splasha in the FS. It was not perfect, but she didn't give up. Good for her!!!
    +Caro, for showing a great skate, and putting to rest the hype created 2 years ago, and showing that she can be a contender in the Olympics, not just because is in her country, but because she has the talent.
    + Stephane Lambiel, for keeping his head cool, and producing three great performances.
    +Johnny Weir, for giving his all despite an injury, and for not giving up.
    +T/M short program, and for getting a second title after the horribile start of season.
    +S/Z beautiful short program to Clair de Lune. Even with the small mistakes, the feeling and emotion they carry was there
    +The internet downloads so that we could watch the programs of many other skaters.
    +Rosaleen's reports, that kept me in the edge of my seat through the competition!
    +Jeff Buttle, for giving his best to earn a silver medal, and helping to get 3 canadian men to Olys (if I did the math right).
    +Same for Belbin/Agosto in ice dance, and for getting a silver medal too! awesome!!
    +Julia Sebestyen's nes FS outfit (I think it looked like the one she wore in the SP at Euros, but in a different color, anyways it was GORGEOUS!!)

    - S/Z withdrawing due to injury. The are the most exquisit pair today IMO, like they said on the ESPN intro when showing the pairs short program, they are "China's Explosive Virtuosos". I hope Hongbo recovers soon!
    -Plushy's withdrawing. Though I'm not like a big fan, I respect his skating very much, and it was very sad not seeing him show his best infront of their countrymen. I hope he takes care of his injuries.
    -Johnny's injuries, which didn't allowed him to show his complete best.
    -Michelle Kwan's QR. A sad performance from a 5-time world champion. Hopefully she'll do better next season.
    -Shiza-chan's performance at this world. She didn't had the great skate like last year, although she did have one of the most beautiful programs. Also hope to see her doing best next season.
    -Brian's LP. I actually liked very much the changes he did at Euros. unfortunately the nerves got to him. I wouldn't go as far as saying "ditch Yags", 'cause many skaters would give their right arm to train and hear the advices Alexei can give them (he is just awesome!). What I would tell Brian is: learn what you can from Alexei, and don't imitate him, but use that knowledge to create your own style. I would like Brian to interpretate music the way Alexei did, not "imitate Alexei interpreting music" (you know what I mean?) I hope Brian finds a great piece of music that he loves for next season, so that he feels comfortable skating to it, rather than have someone else pick it for him. He is very talented and I hope he gets a better season!
    -Takeshi-kun's injury! I haven't seen him skate in ages, and it is so bad he couldn't completely compete here. Hope he recovers soon!
    -Obertas/Slavnon FS costume! Never wear neon-green spandex, I've said this before! Please burn those costumes.
    -The Zhang's FS. They have much talent but they need a better piece of music, and the extreme choreography make-over. Bring Roca and Sur to them.
    - Christine Brennan reporting with skaters. Enough that I have to endure her in Nationals. Bring someone else for Worlds!
    - Not sure if it is true, but read several places that people in the audience would yell "fall, fall!" to some skaters. That is a big NO-NO, if true.
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    Shizuka's programs.. even without the triples they were absolutely beautiful.

    Seeing Sasha actually being happy after one of her freeskates in spite of the mistakes and the fact that Peggy held herself from making one of her BS comments in the line of "There she goes again.."

    Russia just qualifying 2 men for the Olympics.

    Plush's Withdrawal.
    Li robbery.
    Stephane Lambiel's winning LP. That was a horrible program with no actual choreo plus the popped jumps... he was so much better in Dortmund. I hope he can commit to a free program that will be worthy of his talents.
    Lindemann's SP- he wasn't a fluke!!! I hope the Germans will send Lindy to the Olympics.

    Irina's LP- It was great to see her actually earn her title however there was a bit of a pall because of the way she was held up in the SP, and the QR scores (since Sasha actually landed more triples than Irina but had a lower score). Those little points add up and the argument can be made that Sasha should be World Champion. Either way, I hope the ISU looks at how the QR is scored b/c with placements being decided by a fraction of a point, those QR points can come back to haunt a skater, esp if that skater is in a low scoring group.

    Plus the whole Irina is ill story is getting on my nerves. Yes it's a great comeback but do I need to hear how Irina needs prize money for her mom's transplant? Irina earned a bit of money doing the Grand Prix events plus $50K from the cheesefest and she gets to tour with the Collins tour. Seriously, she's much better off than the majority of the Russian skaters (and skaters in general) b/c she has so many opportunities to earn money.
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    This has been the STRANGEST worlds I can ever remember... So that is the top of my list of BEST... I love drama

    Here are the rest...Irina having the skate of her life in front of her home crowd. I don't care if she's seen as milking her illness or being a meanie when the camaras are off... She deserved this medal.

    Sasha having a good competition. Still not a believer but I did enjoy her performance last night. Good for her.

    Michelle for finishing 4th. Sounds strange from an uber, but I remember when she had that awesome season in 01 only to loose focus during the Olympic season. Glad she's got a fierce reason to compete next year.

    MK's expression while talking to Christine B after the long. You never see her composure break but the question about "Can you win under CoP" and the pi&&y look on MK's face @ the question ~ made me laugh.

    Fumie for proving her federation totally wrong

    Men's podium - Now there's something you don't see often in FS... shake ups at the top

    T/M - Great job

    N/K - Not a big ice dancing person, but I enjoyed their long. Plus her little girl in the crowd screaming "Mommy!" how cute.

    Reading the educational, entertaining, silly, hypocritical and angst ridden posts on-line

    Having a reason to look forward to next year


    No Dick B. It just lost the "specialness" and became a regular ol' event without him...

    ESPN coverage

    Joubert, Timmy, Sandu ~ Guys! Get your heads out of your butt!

    Withdrawls ~ I watch pairs BECAUSE of S/Z... That sucked.

    Miki Ando - Please. That Charlott was terrible. Sweetie if you can't do it, don't.

    We finally get a decent showing in ice dancing, but can't really use them... its like becoming a vegitarian right after cooking a perfect pot roast. The waste.

    Hearing about Irina not having any money. Please. Save the propaganda. The next thing you know, we will start getting pleas for the Irina is Poor foundation. Not buying it...

    Kwanford Wife

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    Irina - she was always gonna win, but I'm so happy she could do it uncontroversially, and not get kicked for it forever, like Euros.

    Fumieeeee!!! for having a fabulous end to her initially crappy season, landing the 3sal, and being the top Japanese gal, in 5th place! Yay Fumie!!

    Stephane won!

    Johnny, for exceeding my expectations in his LP - I didn't think he was gonna make it through, being so injured, but he did. Good for him.

    Delschoes, for being wonderful.


    Yeah, withdrawals......missed Shen/Zhao and Takeshi.

    I Miss Klimkin! The Russians really could have used him here!! And Stanick....

    Julia, for getting rid of her wonderfully individual costumes. Don't bow to the pressure - wear what you feel!!

    Stéphane, for not winning with an amazing LP. (The SP made up for it though!)

    Bomb alert! Daisuke......not again! Griazev, all know who you are!

    Me......for being too damn happy that Joubert bombed his horrible LP... (eeeevil)


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    Sasha Cohen finally skating three strong programs entirely on her feet. She also skated her first seven triple program in competition.
    Not entirely. She fell in the qual round.

    Worst worlds all around for me (pretty boring) but I'm glad some got a wake up call this year.

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    Delobel and Schoenfelder in the dance competition FS - the program gave me shivers

    Belbin and Agosto winning the silver

    Dubreuil and Lauzon's free dance

    Jeff Buttle in the mens

    Stephane Lambiel skating like a champion

    Joannie Rochette in the short

    Sasha Cohen in a beautiful LP


    The sheer number of falls, screw-ups etc. This has got to go down in history as one of the worst-skated worlds comps in recent memory

    The entire pairs competition - it was uninspiring

    Brian Joubert's FS was painful

    The overhead cam - need I say more?

    The poor quality of the audio

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