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Thread: Irina made me cry...

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    Irina made me cry...

    After seeing the piece on her and her mother, I knew she had to win, so her mom could get her kidney transplant. Her performance was above and beyond what I've ever seen a lady skater do in one performance. And I was hoping for Sasha to win, but Irina's performance was exeptional. After she was done and started to cry, I just imagined her saying,"Now, you can have your surgery, Mama". She knew she just HAD to win. She couldn't just try her best, she had to DO her best, so she could have her mother with her for a long time, and not watch her suffer anymore. Good job, Irina

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    ^Awww, I wasn't gonna admit this but I did the same thing!! This was the first amature skating competition I've ever really watched and I was frankly expecting to be pretty bored. Amature skating just isn't as much fun as professional to me. But I found myself absolutly captivated me for the whole competition!! And even though I was kind of rooting for Sasha because she's a California girl like me, I was so happy when Irena won. She needed and deserved it more than anyone else. Good for her!

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    This was a great worlds. I was so happy for Stephane, too. I was looking at past comps. and he was in it, and I wondered where he was lately. I remember I was thinking he had GREAT potential. He has the heart and soul for the sport that you like to see in a skater. His reaction to his win was so cute.

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