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Thread: Skater(s) of the Year 2005

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    Skater(s) of the Year 2005

    Now that the FS season is officially over and the 2005 World Champs have been crowned, in the opinion of the posters here at GoldenSkate, which skater (or skaters if it’s a pairs/dance teams) would win the award for the “Skater(s) of the Year 2005” (à la Time magazine’s Person of the Year)

    Some of the nominees I have come up with:

    Stéphane Lambiel: for finally putting it together and skating like we all know he can, for making the fantasies of the posters here at GoldenSkate come true (well, one of the fantasies, at least), for winning Switzerland’s first gold medal at Worlds since 1947, and being the first person since Evita Perón to wear a massive up-do in front of thousands of people and pull it off.

    Irina Slutskaya: for skating through vasculitis and the death of her mother-in-law, having an undefeated season, skating a flawless FP to win the WC in her hometown, and pledging the prize money to help fund her mother’s kidney transplant.

    Carolina Kostner: for skating like we know she can, for winning Italy’s first ladies’ medal since 1978, and for putting herself in good position for the 2006 Olympics in her backyard

    Totmianina/Marinin: for enduring on both side of the coin (a concussion for her, psychological trauma for him) a horrific fall on a lift, bouncing back to train 10 days later, skating an awesome SP for this season (you really should see this one!!), and winning the WC in their backyard

    Evan Lysacek: for winning a WC medal in his first trip to Worlds (the first American since 1957 to do so) and finally getting something from the foreign judges he can’t get in the US: the recognition for his skating that he deserves

    Kevin van der Perren: for skating two strong programmes to finish 8th and being the best and most likely the only skater you will ever see from the country of Belgium

    Other: please explain

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    Irina Slutskaya for her perseverance and determination and overcoming the odds.

    Sasha Cohen for her determination throughout her performances. And saving her mandatory competition fall for the exhibitions.

    Jeff Buttle for knowing what works for him, and for showing that the presentation mark is just as important.

    Emanuel Sandhu for starting to be a bit more Dr. Sandhu and a bit less Mr. Hyde. Here’s hoping he leaves Mr. Hyde’s attitude in the 2004/2005 season…

    Utako Wakamatsu/Jean Sebastian Fecteau for knowing that they may not last, but not letting that affect how they skate and making many people fall in love with them and their skating.

    Stephane Lambiel for having to take off 10 months to heal from injuries and defeating the odds to become the World Champion.

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