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Thread: Belbin and Agosto's Free Dance - Russian Gypsy Dance

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    Belbin and Agosto's Free Dance - Russian Gypsy Dance

    I think this was the best free dance they have ever performed. Every time they perform it....I sing along with the lyrics. The audience clapped during their performance as expected. I was impressed with their scores..... TES was higher than Navka and Kostomarov. Thought that would be the highest TES until I saw Delobel and Schoenfelder score and was like wow!!!!!!!

    Anyway back on topic, I've heard that alot of people on different boards saying that Belbin and Agosto were overmarked. I think they gave it their all and that they deserved to win the silver medal.

    I think 2006 worlds is when they will become world champions. So unfortunate about the 2006 Olympics .

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    I agree that this was the best performance of their Gypsy dance ever. The unison on their steps was amazing.


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