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Thread: EuroSport and the Olympics

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    EuroSport and the Olympics

    ATTN: European Members of Golden Skate. Is there any chance that EuroSport will give out it's schedule of showing the Olympics?

    The cost of going to the Olys will be a minimum of $10,000, and getting good seats for the figure skating will be impossible. In my next life I plan to be a billionaire.

    I was thinking of going to Germany for a few days; check into a moderately priced hotel with TV and catch the figure skating on TV. However, I want to make sure that I will see ALL of it. There are too many skaters I have to see again, and the usual suspects just don't do it for me.

    I doubt NBC or CBS, whichever, will show the entire figure skating events and may well limit it to the Final Group of Six.

    So any published scheduling of Eurosport would be much appreciated.


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    For the last Olympics Eurosport had a full schedule for figure skating however if I recall correctly in order to be able to watch most of it, access to digital services was required - this was certainly true for the CD's. I don't know about Germany but certainly in the UK the only way to access the CD's was if you had Sky Digital.

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